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Sara Seal


candycoatedunivers ...

Duration: Professionally for seven years both at agencies and freelance. The work on my portfolio site, candy coated universe, is a collection of projects from various agencies. I'm currently employed as art director for The Shop (a design and branding workshop at Golden Tech).

Staff: At The Shop, it's Sara Seal, art director; Marc Oestreich, director of marketing; and Scott Sawaya, director of operations.

Education: Anderson University, BA in visual communication 2006.

Cultural Influences: In my experience, everything is interesting if you're willing to look long enough—turn it over, take it apart, maybe even break it. Everything has some kind of unique beauty. I love discovering one-of-a-kindness in the everyday. Inspiration is everywhere if you want to look.

Environment: A multi-use space with vintage touches, cozy furniture and a constantly napping dog.

Philosophy: I love people who love what they do. It doesn't matter what it is. The folks who aren't afraid to be mad, crazy, head-over-heels for what they're about makes me want to get up in the morning. For me, great design is always about telling a story. It's about people's unique connections to each other; about fully participating and investing in the dreams and passions of others and helping them to share those passions with the world.