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Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn


Location: Orlando, Florida

Duration: I’ve been in the field for three years, but freelancing full time for just over a year.

Education: I received a BA in graphic design and digital media from the University of North Florida.

Cultural influences: I tend to spend a lot of time hunting down books with lovely examples of typography, logos and signs, and I especially enjoy lettering and design from the 20s and 30s as well as vintage Italian and French design. I collect vintage matchbooks, which have some of the most beautiful artwork.

Artistic influences: I’m inspired by a lot of the modern lettering artists like Jessica Hische, Mary Kate McDevitt, Jill DeHaan, Louise Fili and Jon Contino.

First big break: While interning at Brunet-García Advertising in Jacksonville, Florida, I hand-lettered a poster promoting a speaking engagement featuring noted writer Horton Foote. The poster was awarded in CA’s Typography Annual 2, which launched my career.

Work environment: I work from my lovely home studio with my puppy, Teddy. I occasionally work from coffee shops as well, and sometimes down by the pool in my apartment complex.

Technique: I draw everything by hand first, then redraw in Photoshop with my Cintiq. I have an arsenal of pens and pencils from JetPens that I use daily for all my sketch work.

Philosophy: Work hard, stay humble and make beautiful things that make people happy.