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Stahl R

Design firm

Location: Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Duration: Stahl R was founded two years ago.

Staff: We are creative directors Tobias Röttger and Susanne Stahl, plus marketing director René Natzel. We work with a fixed pool of freelancers.

Education: Tobias Röttger received a degree in visual communication from the University of Applied Sciences Mainz (Diploma), and spent one semester abroad at Swinburne University in Melbourne. For eight years he worked as a designer and art director for HORT in Frankfurt and Berlin. Susanne Stahl graduated with an MA in visual communication from Royal College of Art in London. She also has a diploma in integrated design and studied abroad at the Institute of Technology in Bangkok.

Cultural influences: Range from the Swiss grid to Dutch playfulness and German seriousness.

Artistic influences: Max Bill, Jan Tschichold, Bruno Munari and Karel Martens.

First big break: The complete rebranding of Mazine, a brand of German streetwear.

Work environment: An 1,200-square-foot loft on the fourth floor of a historic building, right in the center of multicultural Kreuzberg.

Philosophy: Playfully serious and seriously playful.