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Stephan Walter


Duration: I’m self-employed since I finished my studies in 2005.

Staff: I work alone. Sometimes I use freelancers, but it’s hard to share illustrative work. Maybe I’ll hire an intern soon. I have great agents—2 Agenten and Début Art.

Education: Life has taught me a lot. Oh and I also have this BFA in graphic and media design.

Cultural Influences: From music and typography, traveling and cooking, architecture and Americana to friends and love that never ends.

Environment: I share a studio with a friend that's now in the middle of a very gentrified area surrounded by tons of construction sites. Things were better some months ago; though we now have more options for lunch, most of them suck. I have a table, a chair, a quite fast computer and two screens (one is bigger than the other). We have a Riso printer, a laser printer and Internet connection. I also have books and some pens. I try to avoid working in the morning but sometimes I work from home.

Philosophy: To not have only one philosophy.