Sweety Branding Studio Fresh

Sweety Branding Studio

Isabela Rodrigues crafts memorable package designs at her Sweety Branding Studio in Brazil.


Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Duration: Five years.

Staff: Isabela Rodrigues, graphic/packaging designer; Mariana Ykuta, graphic designer; Natalia Trarbach, packaging designer; Juliana Casagrande, sales assistant.

Education: Principal Isabela Rodrigues studied graphic design at UniverCidade Rio de Janeiro.

Cultural influences: Minimalism and handmade art, with a touch of nostalgia.

Artistic Influences: Contemporary art, Näif art and art nouveau/art deco.

Big break: Le Chat brewery granted us tremendous freedom in designing colorful packaging for its beer. That project showcased our ability to create unique, eye-catching designs, which lead to many more opportunities.

Technique: We design digitally and also work by hand. For 3-D modeling of products and interiors, we mainly use Cinema 4D.

Philosophy: We are dedicated to creating unique pieces that make brands memorable. We don’t want people to throw away our packaging. Our goal is to make people collect it!



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