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Tad Carpenter


Duration: Professionally working as a designer since 2004. I opened my own shop in 2009.

Staff: Myself. I also have two very hardworking interns.

Education: I grew up the son of an illustrator which taught me a lot. Formally, a BFA in graphic design and illustration from the University of Kansas.

Cultural Influences: I get inspired by a lot of things. Ultimately, I love to collect old books, signage, toys, globes, maps, anything... I also find a lot of inspiration in artists from the past as well, such as Abner Graboff, Aurelius Battaglia, Tom Eckersley, Daphne Padden and Alexander Girard to name a few.

Environment: My studio is a shared live/work loft space in Kansas City's Rivermarket.

Philosophy: To never forget that what we all do is fun and we are lucky to take part in it.