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Tamar Levine


Duration: I graduated from Art Center in August 2005. I then assisted and retouched for various photographers and artists for a few years before starting my own freelance photography business.

Staff: Me, and currently I have an intern and a studio/marketing manager.

Education: BFA with Honors, Art Center College of Design.

Cultural Influences:
I draw inspiration from everywhere. I’m inspired by my own experiences (I tend to focus on female subjects). When I actively seek out inspiration, I love watching films. I’m especially inspired by films directed by David Lynch, Samuel Fuller, Hitchcock, Godard, and Esther Williams and Fred Astaire films, as well as vintage commercials. I also love art; my favorite artists are Caravaggio, Degas…the list is long and constantly changing.

Most of my work is photographed on location, so I am blessed to have a constantly-changing work environment.

Philosophy: I always try to challenge myself—never get bored. Always have fun.