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Taylor Castle


Duration: Three years.

Staff: Just me and some great assistants.

Education: Columbia College and Brooks Institute of Photography, with a little bit of assisting as well.

Cultural Influences: Moving from California to Chicago was a great personal and creative transition for me. I immediately immersed myself in the city, which has influenced me and my work in so many ways. Chicago is full of surprises, there is so much to be see. I'm also inspired by my family, friends and mentors. I enjoy going to galleries and museums, looking at art books and art blogs. I'm constantly looking at art and design for inspiration, especially photography. I try to immerse myself in work from all eras. I love the classic work of photographers like Yosef Karsh, George Hurrell, Herb Ritts, and Arnold Newman but I'm just as influenced by contemporary photographers including Nigel Parry, Uwe Duettmann, Nadav Kander, Erwin Olaf, and Gregory Crewdson. I enjoy interior design and architecture too. Taking adventures and seeing new places is an essential part of maintaining my sanity as well. I believe that taking yourself out of your natural element every once in a while is the best way to refresh your mind and body (it has always worked for me).

Environment: I have an old brick live/work loft on the north side of Chicago. It's pretty cool—except for the ghost.

Philosophy: Don't worry. Be happy.