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Teagan White


Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

Duration: I have been a freelance illustrator since 2008, working full-time since graduating from college in 2012.

Staff: One; I am the sole owner/creative.

Education: Minneapolis College of Art & Design with a BFA in illustration.

Cultural Influences: I am most influenced by the nature, weather, vegetation and wildlife of the Midwest. I am also inspired by vintage botanical and anatomical illustration, folk art and the limited color and stylized, flat shapes of midcentury illustration.

Environment: I work from a home studio, where my desk faces a window through which I can nearly always see a squirrel, catbird, woodchuck, wren or robin.

Philosophy: I believe that the best work you can do as a creative person comes from being passionate about something in life. Sometimes the most valuable work I do is simply wandering out in the woods, because that's what gives me the most inspiration and creative stimulation to use in future projects.