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Location: London, United Kingdom

Duration: Three years

Staff: We are Eve Steben and myself, Sean Freeman.

Education: BA in graphic design and advertising at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College.

Cultural influences: My journey with creative lettering started with illustrating song lyrics. I really love lyrics, and the clever way they tell a story, the power of the words. Traveling also brings a big breeze of inspiration into the work.

Artistic influences: I’m quite keen on album artwork, vintage advertising and packaging, also contemporary art—photography, new media and sculpture. One of my favorite artists of all time is Francis Bacon. In the type department, the usual suspects: Alex Trochut, Si Scott, Stefan Sagmeister, Alison Carmichael.

Work environment: Due to the intensive nature of the job and being split across different time zones, it feels like we live in front of our screens. We do like to break the routine occasionally, shooting in other studios for special projects, and reset our brains with creative-research escapades.

Technique: For me, it’s all about experimenting with as many different materials as possible. Nail varnish, sand, ice, metals, soap, glitters, lights and milk are just a few of the substances I’ve worked with, and I’m always on the lookout for new materials, especially stuff that moves, drips or explodes. I enjoy controlling stuff that's sometimes a bit out of control.

Philosophy: Setting challenges for yourself is the basis of creativity, both artistically and technically and also on a personal level, because it makes you look at things differently. Inspiration is everywhere.