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Tim Tadder


Duration: In advertising since 2005.

Staff: Myself, two assistants, a producer and a digital tech.

Education: BS in mathematics, MA in visual communications, photojournalism from Ohio University.

Cultural Influences: My father, a commercial photographer for 50 years, Yousuf Karsh, skateboarding magazines, Niel Leifer, Galen Rowell, Ernest Hemingway and Jack Kerouac.

Environment: When we're not on the road, my day begins with a bike ride along the ocean to my studio in an historic church in Cardiff by the Sea, a surf town north of San Diego. It's a super chill environment. (We prefer our proximity to the beach to square footage so our studio is small but classic with a great ocean view and a fresh breeze all day.) When in town, we are either retouching or prepping to head out again, listening to Pandora with mixes that range from Jedi Mind Tricks to Jack Johnson.

Philosophy: Make better images. We constantly work to improve what we do. From better production to improving our vision and retouching skills, we want to make our stuff look cooler and have greater impact. Since that's the only thing we can control, if we are really good at that everything else will take care of itself.