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Tobias Hutzler


Duration: Shooting full-time for three-and-a-half years.

Staff: Teamwork is important to me. I work with an outstanding team—top assistants from the US and Europe, depending on the job. I am absolutely grateful every time I go out to shoot with my team, and I also work closely with my agency Stockland Martel.

Education: I studied photography in Germany and the United Kingdom. As a Fulbright Scholar, I studied in the United States and received my MFA.

Cultural Influences: Traveling and living in many countries, meeting people and exploring life around the world and different ways of seeing the world. I am interested in contemporary culture. All genres interest me, from film to paintings and sculptures, my goal is to understand and capture the pulse of our constantly-moving culture.

Environment: Location and studios worldwide. Cities and deserts, underground and NYC rooftops—wherever the work takes me.

Philosophy: To discover something new in every image. I want to show, through my photography, what is at first invisible to the eye. I like to keep things simple and focus on what I find most important—the energy. I prefer settings that are natural and real. Taking a picture is a process of abstraction for me. I work without manipulating my subjects in order to find something universal that we can all connect with.