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Todd Baxter


Duration: Eight years as self­-employed photographer.

Staff: My lovely, brilliant, talented wife and studio manager/producer, Aubrey Videtto, an amazing crew and a killer rep (Nell Murray of Peter Bailey Company).

Education: A BFA in drawing, painting and photography from University of New Mexico.

Cultural Influences: Natural history museums, mid-­century design, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, NASA, art, Stanley Kubrick.

Environment: I split my time between Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. My main studio is in Chicago: A lofty live-work studio. It’s light­-filled (lots of windows and skylights), found object-­filled (I’m an alley picker)and art-filled (that amazing artists will trade their art for mine surprises me every time) and has a pretty decent collection of succulents, from LA backyards, and some animal bones that I’ve found on my travels.

Philosophy: Go with your energy, not against it. Whatever it is you like to do in your spare time, do more of that.