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Tony DiMauro


Duration: I began working professionally as an illustrator approximately three years ago when I started graduate school.

Education: MFA in illustration as visual essay, School of Visual Arts.

Work environment: I live in a small town near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, called Indiana. I moved here to teach at a university and travel to New York during the summer months to stay current.

Influences: Growing up, I lived in an extremely rural town, which had long, cold winters and very few days of sunshine. Therefore, my work tends to have a monochromatic, gloomy quality to it. The grit and intensity of New York lends a darker, harsher quality to many of the pieces.

Technique: I begin each piece with traditional materials: watercolor or acrylic. Although I love technology and use it extensively in my work, I have a hard time creating a strong foundation with the computer alone, and prefer to build on something that already has texture.

Big break: I don't think there was a single break, but rather a progression toward the type of work I feel I am suited for and enjoy.

Philosophy: In order to create work that is interesting and meaningful to others, you must first understand and accept who you are as an individual; often, the most personal things are also the most universal.