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Travis Magee


Location: Brooklyn, NY.

Duration: I’ve been shooting full time since 2012.

Staff: An amazing group of freelance dancers and artists who have supported me every step of the way.

Education: BFA from the Boston Conservatory.

Cultural influences: I was a professional modern-contemporary dancer in New York for almost ten years. I was trained to tell an honest story with movement. As a photographer, I try to capture an honest moment in an interesting story.

Artistic influences: A lot of my personal work is inspired by classic stories and myths. My professional influences are the great photographers who have used movement to tell a story, such as Lois Greenfield, Richard Avedon and RJ Muna.

Big break: Being hired by Creative Time and the MTA Arts for Transit to create images of Nick Cave's gorgeous Soundsuits for his project Heard NY, which was part of Grand Central Station’s Centennial celebration.

Work environment: On location and in my studio in New York.

Technique: All of my work is achieved in one choreographed shot and I don’t composite my images. As a result, it will take anywhere from five to eight frames to capture everyone moving together.

Philosophy: Honesty through movement.