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Motion graphics

Duration: Six years.
Staff: Eight people.
Education: Principals/founders Vivian Rosenthal and Jesse Seppi, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, March 2001.
Cultural Influences: Japanese anime, architecture, science fiction films and renaissance and contemporary sculpture.
Environment: Our working environment is set up somewhat like an architectural studio; everyone is given freedom to work throughout the day and then we have daily reviews.
Philosophy: Our philosophy revolves around convergence, the idea that all things are related and are heading toward a common point. Bloom, the sculpture installation we created for Sharp, was symbolic of this state of convergence in design. This sculpture depicts the merger of two flows, one red and organic, the other silver and synthetic, illustrating technology's increasing tendency to mimic forms in nature. In ecology, one organism mimicking another is called the mimicry complex. In design, we've created the term "synthetic manipulations" to refer to technology mimicking nature. We are witnessing that it is the convergence of organic need and synthetic practice that is driving technology.