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Type Foundry

Location: New York, NY

Duration: I’ve been doing various freelance projects since 2009, though my typeface design business, Typetanic Fonts, got its start in January 2013.

Staff: I’m generally a one-man band, but I’m always willing to collaborate.

Education: I fell into graphic design halfway through college, so I graduated Marquette University in Milwaukee with a major in broadcast and electronic communication, but with some design classes at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD). I’m currently enrolled in the Type@Cooper typeface design certificate program at Cooper Union in New York.

Influences: Beyond my work in graphic/type design, I have very specific interests, like vintage cars (particularly Studebakers), the great transatlantic ocean liners (in case you’re wondering where the “Typetanic” name came from), and architecture. In both my graphic and type work I’ve often taken inspiration from these historic sources and adapted them for modern needs.

Environment: I work primarily in my home office, located in upper Manhattan.

Philosophy: My love of type and lettering sprang from my early days working in graphic design, looking for fonts to use in projects with an idea in my head of what the letters should look like. Searching through thousands of fonts and not finding what I was picturing, I decided I really should just learn how to design my own. If one of my typeface designs is something I would use in a project, chances are there are others out there who would use it in their projects, too.