Us & Them Fresh

Us & Them

There is no spoon for Sei Rey Ho of the North Carolina-based design firm Us & Them.

Duration: Since 2007.

Staff: Just me, Sei Rey Ho.

Education: Art school, internships and working for other studios.

Cultural Influences: My eyeballs are like sponges. I collect rock posters, test prints, album covers, CD packages, stickers, T-shirts, ticket stubs, art books, vintage mags, random graphic ephemera... Hanging in the studio is work by other great artists like Seripop, Delicious, Aesthetic Apparatus, Yamabushi, Morning Breath, Oliver Vernon, James Victore, Art Chantry and Zach Hobbs.

Environment: Recently, I moved my studio into an old tree house! It has everything I need: a wood stove, a loft, couch, all my printmaking stuff. It's a really creative space and being in nature makes work happy.

Philosophy: There is no spoon.


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