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Vicente Garcia Morillo


www.vicentegarciam ...

Duration: Nine years, though I just opened my own studio four months ago.

Staff: Sometimes, I collaborate with other professionals but I usually work on my own.

Education: I began my professional training at the Mérida’s School of Arts. After I graduated from University of Fine Arts in Seville, I came to Madrid to complete my education with an advanced master’s degree and several graphic design courses. I worked at several graphic studios and advertising agencies before I started my own studio.

Cultural Influences: Art, Bauhaus, typography, cinema, fashion...

Environment: My own studio.

Philosophy: Passion for what I do has always driven my life and my career, I need to believe in what I do to do it well. I work as a graphic designer because I have a need to express myself and the way I understand the world. I love the arts and design is my passion. I hope to enjoy project in the future as much and in the same way as I do in the present.