WAX Fresh


As a new ad agency, Canada-based WAX doesn't adhere to a rigid philosophy.


Duration: Sometimes it feels like we’ve been doing this for a long time, but we only started three short years ago. Or is that three long years ago?

Staff: Twenty-seven full-time employees and one bitter intern who’s proofread this article one too many times.

Education: Yes.

Cultural Influences: We look at the best (and sometimes the worst) of design and advertising worldwide. We’re also avid readers of US Weekly.

Environment: We have a modern agency with lots of original art, vintage Knoll furniture and rows of floor to ceiling windows that offer views of the Rocky Mountains to the west and downtown Calgary to the north. We encourage the staff not to look east or south.

Philosophy: Our company is new and our people are from everywhere, so we don’t have a rigid philosophy that we ask individuals to adhere to. We adapt to opportunity and ideas. The only overriding principle is that our work must be relevant, fresh and some other fancy marketing word. It’s helped us win awards, clients and talented people in a very short time.



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