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The fantastical, folk-inspired illustrations of this Portland, Oregon– based artist evoke the enchanted woods that surround her.

Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Interactive Annual 2015: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 39 winning projects from 1137 entries.


Oxitalia exalts fashion made in Italy. Just as each product exhibits Italian craftsmanship, so every webpage was ... more

Jeffrey Zeldman shares how far web design has come in 20 years.

The audience is listening. Sara Breselor urges designers to consider how identity systems are both seen and heard.

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2015 Interactive Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Overview: The Center for Civil and Human Rights shares stories of courage and struggle from around the world in ... more

George C. Wolfe, Center for Civil and Human Rights, chief creative officer Jeremy Keith, Design and Production Inc., software engineer Dale Panning, Design and Production Inc., technology director Cliff Hahn, sound designer Adam Casini/Catherine Fischer/Tim ... more

Today's exhibit

Earth Primer Earth Primer is an interactive science book ... more

exhibit   03.25.15

Steel Toad identity Steel Toad is a new brewpub located in a restored steel foundry in Vancouver, ... more

exhibit   03.24.15

Pasture Road posters Pasture Road is a rustic version of eBay, allowing farmers, ranchers and ... more

fresh   03.23.15

Violaine & Jérémy Design firm / Paris, France   “Money never drives our choices. We always choose a project ... more

exhibit   03.23.15

CHAVEZ identity This contemporary Mesoamerican motif celebrates one chef’s take on the coastal ... more

exhibit   03.20.15

Le Quartier Bakery & Cafe identity Le Quartier Bakery & Cafe—with restaurants located in Lincoln ... more