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Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Design Annual 2015: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 153 winning projects from 4083 entries.


Designer Matt Delbridge and developer Ryan Dunlap created a site for Alice + Whittles, a fashion company founded by ... more

Influenced by her biology background, Sara Jamshidi tackles perfection in her design process.

Sci-fi movies are predicting the future of user interfaces with eerie accuracy, reported by Yolanda Zappaterra.

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2015 Design Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"When you're under 40, buying a life insurance policy may seem about as practical as buying a Humvee, and financial ... more

IDEO (San Francisco, CA), design firm MassMutual/Society of Grownups, clients

fresh   10.12.15

Coppers and Brasses Type Foundry / Montreal, QB   “History is a really important part of type design. Nobody ... more

exhibit   10.12.15

Saint 252 packaging Collaborating with Switzerland-based Humbel Distillery to synthesize taste and ... more

exhibit   10.09.15

Charles Schwab commercial To encourage younger generations of financial investors to ask questions, ... more

exhibit   10.08.15

LG Ultra 4D HK print ads To promote LG Electronics’ new Ultra HD 4K television, creative agency ... more

exhibit   10.07.15

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters identity and packaging In a region of the United States notorious for its ... more

exhibit   10.06.15

Fibonacci’s Wine packaging A group of young winemakers in northeastern Italy, Spinefrasse produces ... more