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Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Design Annual 2014: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 152 winning projects from 3632 entries.


The responsive new digital home of Hopscotch Music Festival is as dynamic as the bands that play each year. The ... more
airtype.com hopscotchmusicfest.com

Rich Hollant, founder of design firm Co:Lab, finds strength in humility.

Allan Haley finds font makers and designers looking to the past for the next big game-changer.

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2014 Design Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

“To convey this year’s theme of community, we created a publication for Wayward Arts magazine that celebrates the ... more

René Clément, art director Louis Gagnon, creative director Paprika (Montréal, Canada), design firm Wayward Arts, client

fresh   09.22.14

Feixen Design firm / Lucerne, Switzerland   “There are no borders to knowledge anymore—the Internet ... more

exhibit   09.22.14

“Blackline” video Oregon Manifest invited design firm MINIMAL to represent Chicago in the 2014 Bike ... more

exhibit   09.19.14

Stone Creek Coffee identity If there is any criticism against Stone Creek's previous brand, it ... more

exhibit   09.18.14

Global Peace Film Festival campaign The annual Global Peace Film Festival in Orlando, Florida, ... more

exhibit   09.17.14

Manhattan title sequence WGN's TV series Manhattan follows the lives of the Los ... more

exhibit   09.16.14

“Nemumel” music video Nemumel” is a code-generated video ... more