Photographer / Portland, OR

I trust my eye and my gut, and focus more on the experience than the technical.

Illustrator / Mirfield, West Yorkshire, England
Photographer / Brooklyn, NY
Design firm / Stockholm, Sweden

Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Design Annual 2015: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 153 winning projects from 4083 entries.


Amsterdam-based stroller design company Bugaboo launched a new online store. Designed by creative agencies Momkai ... more

When working with global luxury brands, Andreas Neophytou finds critical theory to be a useful tool.

Amid the creative buzz of the agency floor, Ernie Schenck gives a shout-out to silence.

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2015 Design Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"The titles of the two volumes of this monograph of photographer Katy Grannan, The Ninety Nine and The Nine, came ... more

Kim Le Liboux, art director J Walton, producer John McNeil Studio (Berkeley, CA), design firm Fraenkel Gallery/Katy Grannan/Salon 94, clients

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Mike Lemanski Illustrator / Mirfield, West Yorkshire, England   I’ve always loved the act of painting and ... more