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Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Advertising Annual 2014: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 137 winning projects from 3784 entries.


Vintage finds have become hip for rocket scientists, too. The ISEE-3 spacecraft, which NASA launched in 1978 to ... more
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Illustrator and designer Jon Adams shares how he balances business with passion projects.

Jude Stewart on negotiating and exploiting color's surprisingly divergent meanings across cultures.

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2014 Advertising Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"Autocorrect" :30 Tom Bodett: Hi, Tom Bodett. I tried to write this script on my smartphone, but I couldn't figure ... more

Brittany Sarrett/Chris Smith, writers Tom Bodett, voice talent Tom Faulkner, music Glenn Ferguson, sound engineer Sheri Cartwright, agency producer Gannon Kennedy/Diana Schroeder, production company producers Post Op, production company The Richards Group ... more

feature   10.30.14

Scott Laumann A fugitive approach fuels this Colorado artist’s flights between commercial and ... more

exhibit   10.30.14

Studs Terkel covers This September, the New Press will reissue Will the Circle Be Unbroken? ... more

exhibit   10.29.14

Lobster ME posters Lobster ME is a first-of-its-kind fast casual restaurant based in Las Vegas, ... more

exhibit   10.28.14

aRoma identity Restauranteur Dave Whitney tapped Dallas-based design firm Street Fair Studios to ... more

fresh   10.27.14

Pointbarre Design firm / Montréal, Québec   “I’m a voracious reader and book collector—especially of ... more

exhibit   10.27.14

Iconic app A smartphone app bound to charm designers, ... more