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Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Advertising Annual 2014: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 137 winning projects from 3784 entries.


Amsterdam digital creative agency Wonderland puts storytelling at the heart of its approach. Its homepage evenly ... more

Paul Jarvis shares how brazenly expressing your opinions can lead to a flush design business.

Behind every successful creative director stands a wise agency mentor. Stephanie Orma culls the best advice from both.

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2014 Advertising Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"ExFEARiential" 2:45 "Riots. Muggings. Babynappings. We'll do anything to get your brand noticed—with ExFEARiential."

Kyle Lamb, art director Kurt Mills, writer Kyle Lamb/Kurt Mills, associate creative directors Chris Hirsch/Nellie Kim, creative directors Stephen Jurisic/Angus Tucker, executive creative directors Tom Briggs, designer Bob Lyte, director of photography Chris Murphy, editor Relish, editorial company Vapor Music, music company Jono Hunter, ... more

exhibit   12.16.14

“On My Way to NYC” stop motion video After earning a visual communication degree in Paris, Melanie ... more

fresh   12.15.14

Marta Spendowska Illustrator / Green Bay, WI   “The biggest break was the one I gave myself—when I ... more

exhibit   12.15.14

Norway bank notes Oslo-based design firm Snøhetta redesigned Norway’s bank notes with a cubical ... more

exhibit   12.12.14

British Airways projection mapping video Projection Artworks produced an innovative 4-D projection ... more

exhibit   12.11.14

Mikkeli’s 10th Illustration Triennial identity Prakt designed the visual identity for Mikkeli's ... more

exhibit   12.10.14

4A’s Gold Forum’s swag bag The 4A’s Gold Forum brings together CEOs across the country from ... more