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Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Design Annual 2014: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 152 winning projects from 3632 entries.


Destination Unknown is an interactive game that uses real-time Instagram photos from around the world and asks users ... more
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Oliver Munday shares how designers can tailor their portfolios to break into book cover design.

Sara Breselor gets schooled on how educators of today can prepare designers of the future.

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2014 Design Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

“Yumblebee is a social network for people who love food. Unlike other food-related sites and apps that concentrate ... more

Ryan Bailey, designer Geoff German, creative director Squires & Company (Dallas, TX), design firm Yumblebee, client

fresh   09.15.14

Ben Sandler Photographer / Paris, France   “Always be creating.”

exhibit   09.15.14

Space Needle exhibit Seattle’s Space Needle, originally built as a symbol of the future for the Age ... more

exhibit   09.12.14

Maine Office of Tourism ads The Maine Office of Tourism and ad agency BVK saw an opportunity to ... more

feature   09.11.14

Wieden+Kennedy Fortified by its fierce independence, the crackerjack agency endures—and expands to ... more

exhibit   09.11.14

“PeSeta & Marc Jacobs Espadrilles” spot Spanish fashion brand peSeta teamed up with Marc Jacobs to ... more

exhibit   09.10.14

“Tour in Style” video To reset consumers’ preconceived ideas about Greyhound, this 60-second ... more