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Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Design Annual 2015: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 153 winning projects from 4083 entries.


Founded in the 1820s, British shoe manufacturer Clarks has often been in the vanguard of fashion and social reforms ... more
bartleboglehegarty ...

Nicholas Benson, a third-generation stone carver, designs rock-solid memorials with typographic finesse.

Ernie Schenck extolls the creative benefits of overthinking.

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2015 Design Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"A double-sided poster for the Toronto Bridge Club is kiss cut so that it can be turned into a deck of cards. The ... more

Jaclyn Hudson/Olivia Shin, designers Louis Duarte, senior designer Terry Drummond/Alan Madill/Barry Quinn, executive creative directors Neil Walker-Wells, writer Terry Wykurz, producer Juniper Park (Toronto, Canada), ad agency Toronto Bridge Club, client

feature   10.01.15

Pitch Interactive In Oakland, California, this nimble data visualization firm creates art out of ... more

exhibit   10.01.15

Iron Grill identity A new restaurant in New South Wales’s Macquarie Park, Iron Grill serves healthy ... more

exhibit   09.30.15

“Los Primogenitos” opening titles The experimental short film “Los Primogenitos” features the work ... more

exhibit   09.29.15

La Vaca Atada identity La Vaca Atada offers customers Argentinian-style pastries and coffee in ... more

fresh   09.28.15

Ken Tackett Illustrator / Amarillo, TX   

exhibit   09.28.15

Shubham Banerjee & Intel Edison commercial Intel’s in-house advertising agency created the Meet the ... more