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Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Photography Annual 2015: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 157 winning projects from 4421 entries.


KFC updates its brand with a site redesign, balancing retro aesthetics with a sleek, modern interface. The new site ... more
wk.com legworkstudio.com

Photographer Mark Katzman stresses the importance of capturing your singular vision.

Dzana Tsomondo reports on the technological wins and regulatory losses sending eager drone photographers into a tailspin.

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2015 Photography Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"A string of climbers—lighting the way with headlamps—converge on the summit of Mount Everest. This image appeared ... more

Grayson Schaffer, photographer Amy Silverman, art director Hannah McCaughey, creative director Outside, client

fresh   07.06.15

Hanna Barczyk Illustrator / Toronto, Ontario   An editorial illustrator in Toronto translates delicate ... more

exhibit   07.06.15

The Vine catalog Established in 2000, Toronto–based wine agency The Vine delivers a characterful ... more

exhibit   07.03.15

Take16 packaging For Take16 Brewery, Capsule developed a whole-package branding system to match its ... more

feature   07.02.15

Wesley Allsbrook In spirited lines and saturated inks, a in New York wields drawing as her ... more

exhibit   07.02.15

Thymes 2015 catalog Thymes is a founding brand in premium botanical, fragranced bath and body ... more

exhibit   07.01.15

Texas Rising main titles For the main title of History’s Texas Rising, a five-part ... more