Illustrator / Brooklyn, New York

“Architecture, Matisse, piano music and literature have each, in their own way, influenced my work.”

Designer / Rochester, NY
Motion graphics / Brooklyn, NY
Type Foundry / Zurich, Switzerland

Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Interactive Annual 2015: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 39 winning projects from 1137 entries.


The Oakland–based nonprofit Girls Leadership empowers girls to be authentic and assertive. The organization’s new ... more

Adrian Franks’s career melds art, design, activism and the future of wearables.

Without sensitivity and grace, says CCO Xanthe Wells, a creative’s leap into leadership can leave her flat on her face.

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2015 Interactive Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Overview: You can shop for almost everything online. But a car? Not so simple. The new applies the ease of ... more

Desmond Hsu, senior art director David Chen/Fred Leveau/Eugene Park/Cory Roth, user experience designers Adam Sant, user experience director Jun Ikeya/Marcus Silva, designers Vince Ku/David Tanimoto, senior designers Pelun Chen/Nathan Iverson, design directors Tim Shin, ... more

Today's exhibit

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum Everyone expects New York City to have world-class design. ... more

exhibit   04.17.15

Spotify redesign Spotify’s legacy identity system had been engineered to work in an app but not in ... more

exhibit   04.16.15

“What Is Magna Carta?” videos The London production company Beakus was asked to create ... more

exhibit   04.15.15

Jägermeister print ads The goal of the campaign—56 Parts. Best As One—was to educate consumers ... more

exhibit   04.14.15

Lead Belly boxed set From his discovery in prison to his genre-defying repertoire to his influence ... more

fresh   04.13.15

Anne Jordan Designer / Rochester, NY   “I make most of my book cover images by constructing tactile objects ... more