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Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Design Annual 2015: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 153 winning projects from 4083 entries.


A new online marketplace for foodies, Tastemakr provides a promotional web presence for London’s best artisanal food ... more

After designing for Rolling Stone and theater, Gail Anderson is building her vocabulary once again.

Sci-fi movies are predicting the future of user interfaces with eerie accuracy, reported by Yolanda Zappaterra.

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2015 Design Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"We wanted the logo to imply food without showing an actual product. Hinting at wholesale, an over-simplified ... more

Oscar Bjarnason, designer Oscar Bjarnason, Oscar Bjarna, art director Oscar Bjarna (Reykjavik, Iceland), design firm Innnes, client

exhibit   10.07.15

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters identity and packaging In a region of the United States notorious for its ... more

exhibit   10.06.15

Fibonacci’s Wine packaging A group of young winemakers in northeastern Italy, Spinefrasse produces ... more

fresh   10.05.15

Caitlin Workman Designer / Kansas City, Missouri   “We live, work and play in an increasingly dynamic and ... more

exhibit   10.05.15

Connecticut REALTORS OOH campaign Connecticut REALTORS, the state’s largest real estate ... more

exhibit   10.02.15

“Farewell to the Forest” commercial Every minute, deforestation destroys more than five acres of ... more

feature   10.01.15

Pitch Interactive In Oakland, California, this nimble data visualization firm creates art out of ... more