Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Illustration Annual 2015: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 163 winning projects from 4305 entries.


With digital designs as unique as Italian designer Alessandra De Tomaso’s fashion creations, each web page on her ... more

Mitch Paone orchestrates his design studio like a jazz ensemble, with teamwork and improvisation.

Allan Haley gives props to the most famous type designers you’ve never heard of.

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2015 Illustration Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Mercy Experiments. 16 x 20, various pens with India ink and acrylic ink on paper.

Anthony Ventura, illustrator

fresh   05.25.15

Jing Wei Illustrator / Brooklyn, NY   “I was born in Shenyang, China, and moved to California with my family ... more

exhibit   05.25.15

Finish brand campaign "W+K London brand repositioning campaign for Finish aimed to shake up the ... more

exhibit   05.22.15

Salvador Coffee packaging Salvador Coffee roasts fine imported coffee beans from around the world. ... more

feature   05.21.15

Jamie Chung A New York photographer transforms objects into art in carefully crafted still life ... more

exhibit   05.21.15

Carlsberg NOX packaging Carlsberg NOX is a new, premium Carlsberg sub-brand for nightlife drinking ... more

exhibit   05.20.15

Hiking Camping guidebook Guidebooks have always been hiking gear, but publishers have ignored that ... more