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Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Interactive Annual 2015: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 39 winning projects from 1137 entries.


Tavo.es is the online portfolio of ad agency TAVO STUDIO, showcasing its aesthetic with a strikingly simple gallery. ... more

Dan Machen shares how to use technology to depart from business as usual.

Sam McMillan reports on the coming wave of wearables and how interface designers should prepare.

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2015 Interactive Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Overview: There’s a long-standing issue within creative companies, especially agencies: getting employees to do ... more

Jeffery Bennett, creative director Mike Caguin, chief creative officer Chris Moen, developer Tom Ferrara/Max Thorson/Nathan Warfield, senior developers Paul Lammert, technology director Jon Cruikshank, editor Ben Muller, photographer Wendy Auldrich/Ray Mode/Will ... more

fresh   03.02.15

Suthipa Kamyam Illustrator / Bangkok, Thailand   A Thai designer and artist draws the flora and fauna of ... more

exhibit   03.02.15

Paul Bunyan jerseys The Target Cycling Club approached designer Allan Peters to create custom ... more

exhibit   02.27.15

NASA travel posters The team of artists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory help scientists and ... more

feature   02.26.15

Device Creative Collaborative This North Carolinian design duo shares a fervor for finely crafted ... more

exhibit   02.26.15

University of California annual report In design firm Mucho’s first meeting with its client, the ... more