Type Foundry / Zurich, Switzerland

Design firm / Paris, France
Design firm / Toronto, Ontario
Photographer / Zurich, Switzerland

Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Interactive Annual 2015: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 39 winning projects from 1137 entries.


Image-driven, colorful and responsive, the new creates a unified web experience for the renowned school and ... more

Jeffrey Zeldman shares how far web design has come in 20 years.

The audience is listening. Sara Breselor urges designers to consider how identity systems are both seen and heard.

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2015 Interactive Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Overview: Puzzle Facade is an urban technological experiment that transforms the exterior of the Ars Electronica ... more

Martin Kaltenbrunner/Laurent Mignonneau/Christa Sommerer, instructors Javier Lloret (Rotterdam, Netherlands), designer Universität für Künstlerische und Industrielle Gestaltung Linz, project design and development.

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