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New Faces in American Type Design

Jackson Cavanaugh, Tal Leming, Jesse Ragan and Laura Worthington put their best faces forward.

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Swedish Digital

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The 17th Annual Colorado Poster Exhibition

Poetic, graphic advertisements for some of the world’s most ... more

Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Illustration Annual 2014: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 168 winning projects from 4362 entries.


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Photojournalist Nadia Shira Cohen discusses storytelling and the nature of truth in her work.

Sam McMillan charts the rise of the infographic with three masters of the form.

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2014 Illustration Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Cover illustration for the Público newspaper’s culture supplement. The article was a review of 2013’s cultural ... more

João Fazenda, illustrator Sónia Matos, Público, art director

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