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Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Photography Annual 2014: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 154 winning projects from 5223 entries.


This graphically bold Adobe Muse site, created using its namesake, shows the software's features, including a ... more
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Design manager for the brand team at Pinterest, Brian Singer, tells us how to stay energized with side projects.

"Selfie" cameras have crashed the commercial scene. Photographer Zack Seckler surveys the damage.

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2014 Photography Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

“This was a campaign to promote the charity Walking With The Wounded, which provides mentoring and guidance to ... more

James Day, photographer Will Bingham/Victoria Daley, art directors Will & Vic, ad agency Walking With The Wounded, client

fresh   07.21.14

Tony DiMauro Illustrator / Indiana, Pennsylvania   “My work tends to have a monochromatic, gloomy ... more

exhibit   07.21.14

PSA for New Mexico Dept. of Transportation This 30-second PSA gives drivers a scholarly education ... more

exhibit   07.18.14

The Kill Team promotion The Kill Team is a full-length documentary that will be marketed ... more

feature   07.17.14

The Words are Pictures Studio Headlines become art in the imaginative typographic manipulations of ... more

exhibit   07.17.14

The Bible of Barbecue Brazil is a country that takes its barbecue very seriously. To promote ... more

exhibit   07.16.14

Laboratorio Para Ciudad identity Mexico City is one of the world’s true megacities, a daunting ... more