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Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Illustration Annual 2015: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 163 winning projects from 4305 entries.


As data visualizations grow in popularity, researchers are investigating how users interact with these new ways of ... more
cleverfranke.com seeingdata.org

Mitch Paone orchestrates his design studio like a jazz ensemble, with teamwork and improvisation.

Yolanda Zappaterra reports on the burgeoning business of indie magazines in the renaissance of print.

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2015 Illustration Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Interior illustration for a nonfiction children's book. "The Case for Loving,by Selina Alko, tells the story of ... more

Selina Alko/Sean Qualls, illustrators Marijka Kostiw, art director/designer Arthur Levine, editor Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic Corporation, publishers

exhibit   05.28.15

Armazém da Utopia posters Located in the port region of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Armazém da Utopia ... more

exhibit   05.27.15

Nueve identity The design firm Nueve wanted a sonorous, catchy name, a title its team felt ... more

exhibit   05.26.15

Duck and Rice digital experience The Duck and Rice pub in London used to be home to the Endurance ... more

fresh   05.25.15

Jing Wei Illustrator / Brooklyn, NY   “I was born in Shenyang, China, and moved to California with my family ... more

exhibit   05.25.15

Finish brand campaign "W+K London brand repositioning campaign for Finish aimed to shake up the ... more

exhibit   05.22.15

Salvador Coffee packaging Salvador Coffee roasts fine imported coffee beans from around the world. ... more