Illustrator / Amsterdam, Netherlands

In nurturing her highly electric illustrative style, a Dutch graphic designer gets recharged.

Photographer / Brooklyn, NY
Illustrator / Brooklyn, New York
Designer / Rochester, NY

Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Illustration Annual 2015: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 163 winning projects from 4305 entries.


To promote Random House’s deep stack of important titles, its website’s architecture was revamped. Flexible, ... more

Margie Chidley stays grounded by mentoring young creatives and focusing on storytelling.

Wendy Richmond considers how workspaces affect our creative mojo.

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2015 Illustration Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

The Boss spot illustrations. Ink, digital.

Miguel Porlan, illustrator Chris Curry, art director The New Yorker, client

Today's exhibit
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Amnesty International “Terrorists” spot Homosexuality is a crime punishable by prison or even death ... more

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InstaHikes Travel Alberta had already developed an active Instagram audience with breathtaking ... more

fresh   04.27.15

Chris Ozer Photographer / Brooklyn, NY   “I was just one of the countless new-­to-­New-­York New Yorkers who ... more