Illustrator / Toronto, Ontario

“Boil an idea down to its simplest elements, to get to its heart.”

Photographer / Berlin, Germany
Type Foundry / Oaxaca, Mexico
Illustrator / Portland, Oregon

Announcing the winners of Communication Arts' Design Annual 2014: Our distinguished panel of jurors selected 152 winning projects from 3632 entries.


To showcase Jolly Time Popcorn’s 100-year journey, Haberman designed and developed a virtual museum. This scrollable ... more

Justin Bolognino talks about the future of experiential design.

When a client takes your work hostage, Ernie Schenck says to call in the FBI.

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2014 Design Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

“EXEL magazine is an annual research magazine for Drexel University. The design visually highlights the subjects of ... more

Carla Delgado, designer DJ Stout, art director Pentagram (Austin, TX), design firm Drexel University, client

exhibit   10.20.14

St. John’s Bay Women logo JCPenney’s private-label brand, St. John’s Bay, resurfaced its women’s ... more

exhibit   10.17.14

Home Bakery identity Home Bakery started as a modest baking business from Hind Al Mulla’s kitchen ... more

exhibit   10.16.14

Stieb Cellars identity Family friends of designer Paige Speights, Mike and Cathy Stieb, asked her ... more

exhibit   10.15.14

Secrets From Your Sister identity Secrets From Your Sister is a bra-fitting boutique with a highly ... more

exhibit   10.14.14

Les Livres Mouvants book covers Les Livres Mouvant is an e-book publisher that republishes rare and ... more

fresh   10.13.14

Robert Bartholot Photographer / Berlin, Germany   “Legendary Spanish photographer Álvaro Villarrubia ... more