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Interactive Annual 13:

10 ways

Launch Live Site

“The site makes you reexamine the way you look at images. While all of the experiments are clever, the first two totally blew me away!”—Vas Sloutchevsky

“Demonstrates the power static images can have on the Internet and redefines the way we look at the ‘boundaries’ of a Web site.” —Jeff Benjamin

Overview:To showcase ten key concepts of photography, Getty Images challenged five leading design firms to come up with new ways to experience imagery. In addition to viewing these interactive experiments, visitors to the site are invited to discuss the projects and share their own ideas.

  • 5 featured design firms
  • 10 interactive projects
  • More than 300,000 visitors

Creator’s Comments: “Getty Images collaborated with five leading design firms (Sumona, The Barbarian Group, Tomato, Less Rain and Great Works) to create ten interactive experiences that explore what makes visual languages so powerful and where they can take us.

“Attention spans are shortening and, as a result, messaging is becoming ever more visual. Who has time for words when a compelling image can convey an idea much more quickly, and with heightened resonance? While these ten creations are highly playful, they also serve as a catalyst for an important dialogue about the evolution of communication. At its core, ‘10 ways’ responds to the growing need for marketing and entertainment industries to reach consumers on a personal, emotional level, especially through online and mobile platforms.

“We chose this elite group of designers because of their sophisticated, creative contributions in the interactive realm. Collectively, they’ve received multiple industry accolades, ranging from a bevy of One Show Gold Pencils to the coveted Yahoo! Big Idea Chair. Benjamin Palmer, co-founder and president of The Barbarian Group, summed-up their participation this way, ‘When you’re trying to reach consumers on their iPods or cell phones rather than their television set, the rules of design are redefined; ‘10 ways’ gave us the opportunity to identify specific qualities that make certain images particularly effective for use in new media.’

“And, in the spirit of interactivity, visitors to the site are able to share their observations and insights by participating in an online discussion. This unique forum is designed to serve as a creative resource for innovators around the world.”—Larry White

Chris Ashworth, creative director
Mark Fraser, art director
Joe Moore/John O’Reilly, writers
Scott Bokma, lead designer
Jay del Rosario, developer
Larry White, editor
Helen Tapping, project manager
Creative Studio Getty Images, project design and development
Getty Images, client