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Interactive Annual 13:

Launch Live Site

“A great representation of where the biggest brand in the world is today and where it’s headed tomorrow.” —Vas Sloutchevsky

“Totally fresh and quite refreshing. Mega-brand meets big-time style and execution.” —Robin Naughtonspan

Overview:Can you tell your story in 45 seconds? That’s the goal of The Coke Show, the biggest component of, a site that serves as a destination for customer creativity. Rather than pushing messages, it invites users to submit their own work and engage with the brand.

  • 40 countries, 8 languages
  • Custom music player
  • 8 major user activities

Creator’s Comments: “A year ago, Coca-Cola Classic had over 100 different sites around the world. They all looked different. Even basic things, like the color red, weren’t always the same. It was obviously not optimal for an iconic global brand. Additionally, the URL didn’t lead to a consumer-facing site, but instead to The Coca-Cola Company’s corporate site. Users had to go on a bit of a wild goose chase to find what they were looking for.

“It was time for a massive global digital makeover.

“We won the assignment after a challenging pitch, but there was no time to rest. We immediately began doing focus groups and other global research on Coke’s various target groups to get a better understanding of global differences and similarities. The shocking conclusion: Teens all over the world are into music, movies, games, sports and, last but definitely not least, other teens. Nothing is more interesting to a teen than other teens.

“Today, is a living, breathing entity containing not only Coke’s first-ever foray into user-generated content, The Coke Show and For the Love of Music, but a multitude of content geared toward teens around the world.

“The site is live in over 40 countries with more rolling out continually.” —Lars Bastholm, executive creative director, AKQA New York

New York AKQA/London AKQA, project design and development
The Coca-Cola Company, client