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Interactive Annual 13:

Cool Breath Power

Launch Live Site

“A great concept. Who knew there was so much to say about gum. It’s Pee-wee Herman mashed with The Simpsons.” —Keith Anderson

“With its delightful collection of goofy spaces and games, this site recalls the days of new media innocence with a level of detail that communicates the joy of the developers.” —David Young

Overview: Get lost in a surprisingly vast world of wackiness built for fans of Winterfresh chewing gum. Users can watch commercials, download songs, play games, all the while navigating a site where fun is easy to find, but logic not so much.

  • 4 illustrated worlds
  • 100 interactions
  • Visual content created in Illustrator and Flash

Creator’s Comments: “Cool Breath Power explores the fantastical world of the LoveMestro21 and his quest to give the world powerful fresh breath.

“Our fickle, teen target audience can smell a phony a mile away, so it wasn’t enough to simply talk like teenagers, we had to ‘become’ teenagers. Through a series of interconnected Web sites and banners, and outlets like MySpace, Flickr and eBaumsworld, we crafted a web of bizarre and engaging content that actually had teens seeking us out.

“Remember back in eighth grade when you spent all night making a mix tape for that girl who did her best to ignore you? Well, welcome to, a love-drenched land where irreverent craziness happens with every click. A totally unique navigation leads visitors to an animated world full of weird characters, hidden buttons, silly sounds and quirky love advice from the mysterious LoveMaestro21. And, just like in eighth grade, getting there is half the fun.

“From an underwater world that let’s people secretly confess a crush on someone, to an ’80s-inspired dance game in outer space, visitors can’t really anticipate what they’ll find next. The more they find, the more they explore and the more fun they have unlocking secret and unexpected treasures.

“We gave the audience a spiraling adventure of wacky sights and sounds, creating a world where almost everything is clickable and everything becomes a transport to move further down the rabbit hole. It was incredibly fun and inspiring for the entire team.” —Jason Zada/Alexandra Tyler

Sean Donohue/Jason Zada, creative directors
Bobby Pawar/Miles Turpin, group creative directors
Marty Orzio, chief creative officer
Jose Luis Martinez, art director
Alexandra Tyler, writer
Nicholas Mitrousis, technical lead
Jake Hawley, graphic designer
Kat Hunter, producer
Karl Ackerman, illustrator
Lisi Howell, production artist
Sadie Weyher, account executive
Justin Acuff, account supervisor
Energy BBDO/EVB, project design and development
Wrigley Winterfresh, client