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Interactive Annual 13:

The Creative Mind

Launch Live Site

“The level of quality and finesse in the design of this site make it a perfect match for the premium products being presented.” —David Young

“I think I played with this app for about half an hour. And I have a short attention span. It is both entertaining and educational, with a simple interface that conveys complex messaging, and a style apropos to Adobe’s personality and reputation.” —Robin Naughton

Overview: Created to showcase the latest version of Adobe’s Creative Suite, this microsite gives users a hands-on demonstration of key product features. Changes made to the content are preserved as visitors move through the site, which also features an array of explanatory videos and downloadable PDFs.

  • 6 customer videos
  • Multiple Easter eggs
  • 500,000 visitors in first 3 months

Creator’s Comments: “Developed as part of Adobe’s CS2.3 launch, Creative Mind is an incredibly engaging and interactive Web experience that showcases Adobe customers and the amazing things they’ve created.

“We had one simple rule: Speak to designers in their own language. Instead of just talking about the technical capabilities of the Adobe software package, we decided to demonstrate them in a visually compelling way. Through an abstract representation of the universe inside a designer’s head, we were overwhelmingly successful.

“The experience itself allowed visitors to investigate new CS2.3 features by taking a journey through the site’s three different worlds: ‘Must. Work. Fast,’ ‘Impossible. Possible’ and ‘I Love My Gut.’ Each section symbolizes the qualities inherent in a designer’s creative process: efficiency, curiosity and intuition. We populated each section with interactive animations representing different tools within the suite, along with imagery and short documentaries of each design firm.

“The abstract nature of the site—the fact that it lacked a traditional structure or navigation—seemed appropriate considering the abstract nature of creativity. Once we made the leap away from logic, anything and everything became possible: singing worms, dueling hot dogs, clouds raining color, etc. We just tried to push it as far as it could go.

“The process was made infinitely easier by a truly collaborative spirit. Since all of us already spend more time with the Creative Suite than we do with our loved ones, it seemed we made the perfect team for this project. Through dedication and teamwork, the site went up in three months! The best part of the project? The hilarious, hours-long brainstorming sessions based on the creative metaphors used on the site.

“The hard work of this small team paid off and the creative community responded with a sigh of relief, thanking Adobe for presenting its core technologies in a way that made sense to them.” —Courtney Spain, senior segment marketing manager, Adobe Creative Pro Business Unit/Keith Anderson

Keith Anderson, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, creative director
Mark Sikes, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, art director
Spencer Riviera, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, writer
Mike Geiger, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, director of interactive production
Kenna Takahashi, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, producers
Yves BÉhar, Fuse Project/Luis Blanco, INTERspectacular/Joshua Davis/Kevin Grady, GUM and Lemon Magazine/Jiae Kim, Theme Magazine/John Lee, Theme Magazine/Colin Metcalf, GUM and Lemon Magazine/Jonathan Milott, Honest/Cary Murnion, Honest/Michael Uman, INTERspectacular, contributing artists
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners/Unit 9, project design and development
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, ad agency
Adobe Systems, Incorporated, client/strategic partner