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Lauren Greenfield Photography

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“Susan Sontag would have loved this. The power of photography heightened by compelling narratives proves how engrossing words and images are in combination.” —Keith Anderson

“Clear, important and easy to navigate, with compelling photography and powerful video.” —Liz Castro

Overview: Showcasing the groundbreaking work of photographer Lauren Greenfield, this site extends the boundaries of its genre with an impressive array of videos and a large collection of images. A comprehensive content management system makes it easy to add new videos, images, slideshows—and entire sections.

  • 1,000MB total file size
  • 50 video files
  • 350 pages based on 8 different templates

Creator’s Comments: “While Lauren Greenfield started her career as a still photographer, over the years she has blossomed into a multi-faceted, visual artist. We wanted to create a site that emphasized the cinematic and dynamic aspect of her work, especially with the release of her HBO documentary feature film, Thin. The shortlist of designers we wanted to work with consisted of only one name—Pascal Leroy of group94 in Belgium.

“Our calls with Pascal were funny, because Lauren and I would spend twenty minutes explaining our vision, after which he would educate us as to what constitutes good design and a good user interface. We weren’t sure if we had chosen the right partner, but when the templates started to come in, our concerns turned to excitement.

“Personally, I would put creating the site with Pascal up at the top of the list, as one of the best creative partnerships that Lauren and I have had to date.” —Frank Evers

Frank Evers, creative director
Alana Goldstein, producer
group94, project design and development
Lauren Greenfield, client