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Interactive Annual 13:

Precious Ju Ware: The Infinity of Aestheticism

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“Compelling content presented in a beautiful, and thoughtful manner. The interface respects the objects as well as the culture of the craftspeople who created them.”—Keith Anderson

“A rich collection of content coupled with an interface that allows the artifacts and their histories to be the focus.” —David Young

Overview:This project is a companion to a physical exhibit of rare and precious Ju Ware at Taiwan’s National Palace Museum. The collection of 26 pieces is presented using an interface and backgrounds designed to capture the unique colors and textures of these rare ceramic artifacts.

  • 26 360-degree photos
  • 10 videos, 6 animations
  • 1-year development time

Creator’s Comments: “Ju Ware ceramics from the Northern Sung period (960-1127) are exceptionally rare—no more than 70 pieces survive in the entire world. Of those, the National Palace Museum houses about 21, many of which are sole surviving examples. This project focuses on these Ju Ware ceramics in the collection of the Museum and also discusses objects related to the Museum collection as well as Ju Wares in other collections.

“To present a complete Ju Ware ceramic to a worldwide audience, we sent a camera team to the archaeological site in China to collect the first and most rare images and videos of Ju Ware.

“To facilitate the ability of users to totally appreciate and experience the delicate quality of the ceramics online, we applied a 360-degree photo-shooting technique. Via this 360-degree view, users can also see the bottom with important connoisseur elements (e.g., spur marks).

“We’ve dedicated this project to Ju Ware team members, Ms. Rachel Huang and Mr. Chen Zuo Lu, whose dedicated contributions made this an outstanding project. Ms. Huang and Mr. Lu are no longer in this world and Precious Ju Ware has become their final creative piece.” —Bright Ideas Design Co., Ltd.

Fang-yin Lin, Brogent Technologies Inc., creative director
Vanier Peng, Brogent Technologies Inc., programmer
Kuo-pao Wang, Brogent Technologies Inc., Flash programmer
Agis Zen, Brogent Technologies Inc., graphic designer
Pei-chin Yu, National Palace Museum, project chief/senior researcher/client
Hong-yi Hsie, Brogent Technologies Inc., executive producer
Rachel Huang, Brogent Technologies Inc., project manager
Chen-zuo Lu, Brogent Technologies Inc., contributing video artist
Lang-Yin Huang, National Palace Museum/Ying-Chen Peng, National Palace Museum, assistant researchers
Erica Lee, Brogent Technologies Inc., project design and development