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Interactive Annual 13:


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“Utilizes travel imagery and audio to demonstrate the need for an international phone menu system.” —Liz Castro

“I loved having so much of the content accompanied by voiceover explaining what I was looking at and walking me through the ideas and execution. It developed, for me, a deeper appreciation and understanding of a product that we all carry around everyday. I found myself spending far more time exploring this phone than I had planned.” —Jason Zada

Overview: More documentary than advertisement, Motofone tells the story of a team of designers who traveled to three continents to develop a phone suited to the harsh conditions of emerging markets. Video, audio and animation come to life through an interface inspired by dust storms.

  • 5 interactive videos
  • 15 minutes of audio narration
  • Subtitling engine

Creator’s Comments: “This site tells the story of a team of Motorola designers that traveled to three continents to research and, more importantly, experience the harsh living conditions surrounding people in emerging markets.

“The designers braved dust storms in India, rain storms in rural China and even took sweat into consideration due to the excessive heat they were subjected to in the markets of New Delhi. Language, too, was an issue; the result was the creation of a literal, easy-to-read ‘language agnostic’ menu system inspired by everyday symbols used in the regions they visited.

“From their findings, insights and failures, the team was able to rethink the cell phone so that people in geographically-challenged areas would no longer be ‘unconnected.’” —Steve DiLorenzo

Steve DiLorenzo, DraftFCB Toronto, creative director
Ryan Gerber, DraftFCB New York, associate creative director
Graham Ameron, DraftFCB Toronto, art director
David Horovitch, DraftFCB Toronto, writer
Dov Atlin, DraftFCB Toronto/Dan Purdy, DraftFCB Toronto, Flash programmers
Alfons Hudescu, DraftFCB Toronto, information architect
John Swartz, DraftFCB New York, project manager
DraftFCB Toronto, project design and development
DraftFCB, ad agency
Robert Ting, Motorola, client