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Interactive Annual 13:


Launch Live Site

“I saw it in print, on billboards and in the stores... but it was the site that convinced me to buy that thing! And I don’t even like to run.”—Vas Sloutchevsky

“The design is appealing and well-executed, but it was the integration with the product and the community that made this project one of my favorites. There were a lot of elements that had to be executed seamlessly, so I’m sure the creators were challenged quite a bit.” —Jason Zada

Overview: Once Nike developed a running shoe that could send data to an iPod and a Web site, desktop widgets were not far behind. This multi-platform experience offers a variety of tools that allow users to set goals, plan routes, measure their progress and interact with a global community of runners.

  • Google Maps integration
  • 15+ workout tracks
  • Flash and Java front end

Creator’s Comments: “From the outset, our team felt privileged to be included in this once-in-a-lifetime collaboration. Our first goal was the daunting task of designing an experience that combined

“The breadth of the challenge was both technical and creative. It helped that our technology group had been working side-by-side with Nike’s for six years. For them the greatest hurdle was integrating the hardware and software seamlessly for the end user.

“From a creative point of view, there were times during the design of the interface that we had to keep reminding ourselves to keep the experience intuitive, clear and fun. When visualizing data, it’s easy to get caught up showing too much and presenting it in a dry scientific way.

“From my point of view, the site itself goes way beyond classic marketing. Nike+ is a product, a technology, an application, an interface, a community and a collection of stories. As an agency we are particularly proud of our involvement on this project because it reflects a passion that we’ve pursued for 30 years—the beautiful integration of science and art.” —Nick Law

Gui Borchert/Natalie Lam/Jill Nussbaum/Michael Spiegel, associate creative directors
Kris Kiger/Nick Law/Richard Ting, executive creative directors
Josh Bletterman/Alison Hess, writers
Claudia Bernett/Joe Tobens, interface designers
Nick Coronges, technical lead
Aaron Ambrose/Noel Billig/Matthias Hader/Asako Kohno/William Lee/Michael Mosley/Michael Piccuirro/Geoffrey Roth/Ben Sosinski/John Tubert/Stan Wiechers, programmers
Sean Lyons, technology director
Jeff Baxter/Wade Convay/Ed Kim/Michael Reger/Elena Sakevich/Gary Van Dzura, graphic designers
Brock Busby/Daniel Jurow/James Kuo/David Ross, producers
Matt Howell, executive producer
Mark Voelpel/Kiril Yeretsky, animators
Nauman Hafiz/Michele Roman/August Yang, quality assurance
R/GA, project design and development
Nike, client