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Interactive Annual 13:

Phillips Bodygroom

Launch Live Site

“Oh my, I laugh every single time I see this site. Rare to see such fantastic content, coupled with great creative and a wise usage of media, but this site does a beautiful job of it. Kudos on the excellent display of produce, as well.” —Robin Naughton

“The humor on this site is hands-down among the best in recent years. It’s also fun to watch and interact with the product features throughout the story. Other sites dance around what they’re trying to advertise; this project dove into it headfirst with a big, gleaming smile!” —Jason Zada

Overview:A viral site that urges guys to keep shaving even after they run out of face, Philips Bodygroom is a surprisingly low-cost effort intended to drive traffic without an accompanying banner campaign. Sharp writing and dead-on casting make it one of the funniest sites to come along in years.

  • 3,000,000 unique visits
  • 7 video segments
  • 2 writers, 1 brave client, 4-month development time

Creator’s Comments:“Every once in a while a dream brief lands in your lap. In this case, we had to convince regular guys to keep shaving even after they’ve run out of face. We didn’t have the budget to buy media impressions, so we had to get social networks buzzing about bodygrooming.

“Potty-humor aside, was designed to sell razors—a lot of them. Every spoken word, every bit of interactivity, speaks to the benefits of ‘trimming the hedges.’

“We had a great team and a great time developing the site. Everything just fell into place: killer idea, sharp writing, design and casting, awesome video direction and production and clever Flash development. And of course, we can’t say enough about our brave clients at Philips Norelco.” —Steve Nesle

Brook Lundy, creative director
Steve Nesle, executive creative director
Daniel Modell/January Vernon, art directors
Scott Ginsberg/Brook Lundy, writers
Struck Design, developer
Chaz Mee, producer
Adam Jones, director
No Smoke Films, video direction/production
Struck Design/Tribal DDB New York, project design and development
Tribal DDB New York, ad agency
Philips Electronics North America Corporation, client