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Interactive Annual 13:

VW Features/GTI Joyride

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“Smart and intuitive with finessed details. What buying a car should feel like. Pure joy.” —Keith Anderson

“The videos were cool, but customizing them to the user’s choices made them great! It makes other configurators feel ‘lifeless.’” —David Young

Overview: Combining a configuration engine with a video driving experience, VW GTI Joyride lets you build the car of your dreams and take it out for a virtual spin. Featuring more than 600,000 possible outcomes and an intimidating copilot, the site offers a one-of-a-kind immersive experience.

  • 1 hour of video
  • 8 agencies, 6-week development time
  • More than 1,000,000 visitors

Creator’s Comments: “We wanted the site to be more than a lead generation tool. It had to be an immersive interactive experience with both the brand and the car. An experience that was fun, focused and echoed the quality and innovation that comes with a pre-tuned, German-engineered GTI MkV.

“A big goal of ours was to develop assets that let the car’s intrinsic value speak for itself from a purely visual perspective. Volkswagen has so many great accessories and we wanted people to be able to have fun with their creation and see as many options as possible.

“We looked around. Everywhere. Not just in the automotive world, but at all customization engines.

“Volkswagen drivers are among the most tech-savvy on the road. Delivering an interactive experience that was anything less than what we came up with would have been, in essence, ignoring our audience’s needs and desires. So we set out to design a next-generation configurator that looked great, was easy-to-use, got more people to the dealers and let them virtually experience what it was like to be behind the wheel of their very own customized creation. In total, there are over 600,000 possibilities,

“We also created a technical infrastructure that’s able to support the relatively easy and efficient addition of future models and interactive features.

“For me, though, the magic really happens when you hit Watch My Joyride and are instantly greeted by a film featuring your customized car. The speed and seamlessness of the transition between configure and watch was instrumental in delivering this high-quality interactive experience.” —Winston Binch

Tony Calcao/Rob Strasberg, creative directors
Jeff Benjamin, interactive creative director
Scott Linnen, associate creative director
Andrew Keller, executive creative director
Alex Bogusky, chief creative officer
Mike Ferrare/Aramis Israel/Tiffany Kosel/Rahul Panchal/Tom Zukoski, art directors
Jeff Gillette/Mike Howard/Ryan Kutscher/Scott Linnen, writers
Matt Walsh, interaction designer
IQ Interactive, developer
Conor McCann/Chean Wei Law, graphic designers
Armstrong White, 3-D designer
Rupert Samuel, integrated production director
Jessica Hoffman/Dan Ruth/Paul Sutton, integrated producers
Winston Binch/Matt Bonin/Bill Meadows, integrated executive producers
Jonas Akerlund, RSA, director
Wojahn Brothers Music, music composer
Motive, sound designer
Digital Domain, post production
Cosmo Street LA, editorial company
Crispin Porter + Bogusky Miami/IQ Interactive, project design and development
Crispin Porter + Bogusky Miami, ad agency
Volkswagen, client