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Interactive Annual 14:

Hyundai—Think About It

Launch Live Site

“A clean and concise presentation of intense infographics.” —Britt Miura

“It’s refreshing to see technical car facts delivered, with great attention to detail, in an understandable, relatable way. The only drawback for me was that it got a little 3-D happy.” —Jon McVey

Overview: By 2007, Hyundai’s image was sorely lacking. This site, which other carmakers would be smart to emulate, is helping to change public perception. With stories about the quality, reliability and safety of Hyundai’s cars, a fluid navigation interface that mimics the non-linear path of the creative process and interactive content capsules that make the driest of research delightfully engaging, it launches people beyond their prejudices. By highlighting safety technologies and defining the company’s higher level view of the world, it conveys the wide-ranging thought that Hyundai brings to designing cars.

  • The site contains 32 information capsules, 1 audio piece, 8 interactive components and 6 videos.
  • Three weeks after launch there was a 400 percent increase in unique visitors.
  • Hyundai has had consistently higher shopper counts despite a twelve percent decline in the car market.

Comments by John Park:

How did time constraints affect your final solution?
“In an era where overnight sometimes isn’t fast enough, the timing of this project was still unusually tight, involving a large quantity of content coupled with a unique 3-D navigation and environment. Working simultaneously with two other vendors (which presented some brutal scheduling problems), we began concepting at the beginning of August and launched at the end of September. Luckily, we were able to work around most constraints by phasing-in content updates to the site in the months following the launch.

How did this project compare with others you’ve worked on in the past?
“The topics weren’t new for us, but talking with disarming honesty about what’s important in a car was new for the industry—and consumers. Looking back, though, one ‘small’ thing about this project stands out: The request for a fully integrated campaign that would change the way consumers think about Hyundais, in two months. A great many sites are built around a single product or service; was built around an entire company and its philosophy. As a result, the project stands out for the sheer breadth and quantity of information and content. The wide range of interactive experiences alone, also offered a chance to invent in numerous dimensions—which, as everyone knows, is both a blessing and a curse.”

Will McGinness/Mark Wenneker/Jim Elliott, creative directors
Jeff Goodby, executive creative director
Mike Geiger, director interactive production
Mike Coyne, art director
John Park, writer
Carey Head/Syed Naqvi, executive interactive producers
Julia Palleschi/Janine Kanamori, account managers
Perfect Fools/Transistor Studios, project design and development
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (San Francisco, CA), ad agency