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Interactive Annual 15:

Jeep Comfort Module

Launch Live Site

“Beautifully-executed with painstaking attention given to the little details that propel this experience beyond the average automotive marketing piece.” —Stacey Mulcahy

“High production values and attention to small details, like headlights flashing before a transition, bring this product module to life.” —Jay Zasa

Overview: The site was the digital manifestation of the 2008 Jeep “Ruggedly Refined” campaign that pulled the Jeep brand out of the mud and into a heavenly white studio space. Everyone knows Jeep 4x4s are tough and capable, but few people are aware of how comfortable they are. Focusing on the Jeep Grand Cherokee and launching with the words “You Gotta See This,” the Jeep Comfort Module sheds light on four key features—smooth ride, uConnect, heated seats and sirius backseat television—in an interactive, educational and entertaining manner. Relying on sound and response cues, instead of a traditional navigation, the site is a quick, fun experience that educates while it entertains.

  • • The smooth ride demo allows users to pick-up and throw objects (ranging from a parking block to a watermelon) under the wheels.
  • • Since September, 144,706 visitors have interacted with the module for just under one minute and 45 seconds before visiting the rest of
  • • Of all Comfort Module visitors .40 percent clicked “Get A Quote,” as compared to .27 percent for overall visitors—a 48 percent increase.

Comments by Kevin McElroy

What was the most challenging aspect of the project? “Getting people in the front door. We placed the module on the homepage of and still had a tough time getting people to take the dive (two to three percent). We took the challenge head on and modified taglines, artwork, timing, etc. But no go. Finally, we removed all shots of the vehicle and replaced it with the words “You Gotta See This” in one shiny, self-contained button. Instantly, 10.3 percent. We had lift-off!”

Did you learn anything new during the process? “Combining a bit of stop-motion photography for the vehicle ‘crawls’ with some Flash trickery (thank you Driftlab!) really helped breathe a bit of life into the vehicle selector. Crafting the set design for the vehicles and even meticulously adding oatmeal to the tires (for the mud effect) helped lend to the aggressive climb we were seeking.”

How did your relationship with the client evolve over the course of the project? “The abstract nature and non-traditional navigation of the piece was a leap of faith for both the agency and the client. In general, we consciously made an effort to avoid the traditional nav. We wanted to invite the users to explore the different objects through sound and response design. It worked. As the assets started getting stitched, you could feel their enthusiasm intensify and it allowed for further exploration all-around.”


Nick Sternberg, art director
Lee Ekstrom/Trevor Naud, writers
Jeff Bossardet, associate creative director
Kevin McElroy/Adam Wilson, creative directors
Scott Lange, group creative director
Sam Cannon, executive creative director
Dan Koenig/Michael White, engineers
James Vreeland, developer
Driftlab, Flash programmer
Scott Brennan/Eric Diem/Dwayne Raupp, designers
Dante Nagy, art buyer
Vaibhavi Bhide/Katie Bolen, project managers
Mike Madill, sound designer
Digital Kitchen, visual effects company
Organic, Inc. (San Francisco, CA), project design and development
Chrysler LLC, client