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Interactive Annual 15:

Lake Nona

Launch Live Site

“A fresh approach to a brochure-oriented site. Thoughtful in the way it delivers the information, uses the screen space and balances seriousness with delightful interaction.” —Michelangelo Capraro

“Whether a result of the color palette, typography or overall design aesthetic, this site is immensely appealing—as is the impression of the community. And, while some of the elements seem a bit too responsive, the overall experience is never jarring and ultimately satisfying.” —Ranee Chung

Overview: This dynamic, fluid site presents Lake Nona, a 7,000-acre master-planned community located inside the city limits of Orlando, Florida. Created to complement a quirky, smart, fun and education-focused marketing campaign called “Nonaology”—also known as the study of Lake Nona—it informs people about the benefits of the community. With a custom blog, a dynamic, interactive community map (that feels more like a game) and motion graphic quizzes, it’s an innovative presentation that deviates not just from conventional Web design but particularly from what’s common in the real estate sector. It’s also fast, sophisticated and information-rich with a beautiful balance of form and function.

  • • The creative approach for this project was to reinterpret classic print design for the Web.
  • • Since launch the site’s received 188,000 unique visitors.
  • • was developed in Flash ActionScript, After Effects, AJAX, Photoshop, Illustrator, .NET and MySQL.

Comments by Mark Unger and Matt FaJohn

Is the audience you were targeting a particularly difficult one to reach? “The target audience for this project was a little tricky. Real estate/community Web sites are accessed by two very different sets of people—the realtor and the buyer. In the case of the Lake Nona Web site, we wanted to build something that was visually stimulating and experiential for buyers and information-rich enough for the realtors.”

Did you learn anything new during the process? “One of the most challenging aspects of the development was creating a Flash environment that could be as dynamic and expandable as an HTML site. It definitely made us approach certain UI and mouse movements in new and creative ways.”

How did this project compare with others you’ve worked on in the past? “We’ve worked on numerous real estate projects across the country for years. The real difference with Lake Nona was the collaborative process between Push and FL2 and the unique brand position (Nonaology) that provided almost instant potential to spin the online real estate experience. We had a lot of content to account for, and whenever you are dealing with the early stages of a master development, the potential for change is always there; we wanted to keep the site flexible for future changes, but also provide a fun and engaging user experience. The tone is pretty playful, and the site delivers all of the standard real estate marketing elements in a completely different way. It was definitely a success.”


Ron Boucher, art director
Gordon Weller, writer
Mark Unger/Ron Boucher/Ian Coyle, FL2/David Snyder, FL2, creative directors
Chris Robb, chief creative officer
Nathan Kurach, FL2, technology director
Pedro Gomez, interactive developer
Codin Pangell, FL2, developer
James Deagle, FL2, Flash programmer
Matt FaJohn, FL2/Mark Unger, interactive designers
FL2, development partner
Push, project design and development
Lake Nona, client