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Interactive Annual 16:

2009 PGA Championship iPhone App

“An example of where things are headed. Immersive and useful and all on a mobile device. Much love for pushing the future of mobile ahead.” —Mathew Ranauro

“Impressive functionality that truly enhances the viewing experience for any golf enthusiast. This app sets the bar very high, and it will be interesting to see what the other major sports bring to the table this coming year with regard to mobile applications.” —Nikolai Cornell

Overview: This iPhone application supported the final golf major of the year with live video; it was the first live sports app to leverage push technology to provide instant updates and alerts. Created for the casual fan and the golf fanatic, it was the premier mobile extension of an integrated campaign that allowed fans to watch the PGA Championship live online, on-air and on their iPhones. Clean and easy-to-use, it leveraged the native Apple UI for quick adoption and provided instant updates to golf fans, with customizable push notifications that provided instant alerts with unique sounds for hole-by-hole scores, completion of rounds, leader changes and other breaking news.

  • • From concept to completion, the development process took a mere six weeks.
  • • By offering the app for $1.99 the developer was able to provide unprecedented access to the PGA Championship with customizable options to follow the event like never before.
  • • The application was the number-one sports app during the week of the PGA Championship and was rated 4+.

Comments by Michael A. Potts

What was the most challenging aspect of the project? “Developing late technical requirements to take advantage of Apple’s new 3.0 features, like push notification, that were released mid-design was a challenge, but something we knew we had to capitalize on to really enhance the live experience for our fans.”

How did time constraints affect your final solution? “Some technical features were tabled due to time constraints. For example, having an alternate horizontal screen view was descoped. But overall, even with the tight timeframe in which we scoped, designed and developed the app, we stayed true to the vision to bring compelling live sports content to fans, wherever they were.”

What was the best part of working on this project? “It was part of a true cross-platform multimedia strategy to provide unparalleled access to the highest quality of live programming for one of the greatest golf events of the year. The entire presentation was visually consistent with a common design approach that leveraged the PGA of America’s brand and positioned access to live content as first priority.”


Molly Goings/Jeff Gray, senior designers
Andrea Waterhouse, senior design director
Michael A. Potts, creative director
Craig Barry, executive creative director
Lynne Lampinski, technical lead
Robert Occhialini, technology director
Robert Jacko/Michael Adamson/Peter Scott, directors
Lenny Daniels/Matthew Hong/Gary Treater, executive directors
Matt Mosteller, producer
Turner Sports (Atlanta, GA), project design and development
Double Encore, development partner
PGA of America, client

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