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Interactive Annual 16:

Launch Live Site

“Who says one site can’t be all things to all people? Being able to dial-down the elements you don’t want and dial-up those you do, lets do just that; visitors can go from brand site to marketing site to corporate site just by twisting some virtual knobs. It’s an inspired solution for catering to multiple user groups with a single Web presence.” —Rachel Pasqua

“You’ve invested millions on microsites and interactive content, now what do you do when you realize you never had a unified strategy? This site turns an afterthought into a strategy with simple, clean, fun interaction design that rewards visitors with what they’re most interested in.” —Glen Sheehan

Overview: Created so that superfans could easily find and enjoy the content they love, isn’t a Web site in the traditional sense. With a completely new look and feel that reflects the Burger King brand aesthetic and attitude, this consumer-friendly portal embodies the Have It Your Way brand promise with customizable functionality. It’s more of a virtual toybox with a homepage that lets visitors select the type of information they want to see, each time they return, by moving sliders for three main categories: Food, Fun and King.

  • • was an enormous undertaking that took eight months and fifteen developers, producers, designers, writers and account people working nearly full-time on the project.
  • • A Build a Meal menu allows users to compile individual menu items for a nutritional snapshot of their favorite Burger King meal.
  • • The site launched July 20, 2009. According to Google Analytics, between August 1, 2009 and November 15, 2009, there were 4,013,849 visits from 3,553,598 unique visitors.

Comments by Crispin Porter + Bogusky

How did this project compare with others you’ve worked on in the past? “This was a unique endeavor in that we wanted to strengthen Burger King’s digital presence using their digital home. The objective was to present as a friend who guides users through the bk digital ecosystem, allowing them to consume and contribute their way.

“The site is predominantly about two things: customization and content. Instead of employing the usual navigation tools, allows users to interact with sliders to dial up or down the type of content they’re looking for. So if all they want is to find Whopper nutritional information, they’d dial up the Food slider. If they’re looking for Simpsonize Me, they’d dial up the Fun slider. It allows people to enjoy the site their way while it aggregates the best of Burger King Corp.’s original content from successful microsites (2004’s and 2007’s that still attract considerable Web traffic, and bold advertising creative.”


Jonathan Bowden/Pelun Chen/John Whitmore, interactive designers
Ryan Wagman, writer
Nuno Ferreira, associate creative director
James Dawson-Hollis/Bill Wright, creative directors
Jeff Benjamin/Andrew Keller/Rob Reilly, executive creative directors
Oscar Llarena/Doug Rayburn, technical leads
Mat Ranauro, technology director
Matt Walsh, interaction director
Jeff Teicher, information architect
Jason Glassman/Scott Potter/Robert Valdes, integrated producers
Winston Binch, executive integrated producer
Crispin Porter + Bogusky (Boulder, CO), project design and development
Burger King Corp., client

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