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Interactive Annual 16:
information design

Nike Training Club

Launch Live Site

“Totally on brand, on demographic and super easy to navigate. What a fun way for girls and their friends to get into a healthy routine.” —Hilary Read

“A nice blend of concept, design and execution and a very clear navigation structure with a bit of playfulness (working out should be fun, right?). An iPhone app does a good job of extending the experience into the mobile world.” —Nikolai Cornell

Overview: This global platform debuted on, inviting girls to join. It integrates training into their lives in a fun, social and personalized way and allows girls to customize training programs, train with more than 70 instructional videos, invite and challenge friends to join their workouts and customize a mini avatar that reflects their progress. An accompanying free iPhone app gives flexibility to girls on the go by providing users portable access to their training regimen, instructional videos and leaderboard. The site and the mobile app have transformed training into a personal, motivational and accessible club for girls around the world.

  • • Users can choose from more than 70 instructional training videos within Nike Training Club to develop their own customized program.
  • • At the end of a challenge, the winner not only gets bragging rights but also a digital trophy to show off.
  • • Within the first month of launch, Nike Training Club ranked number two in the iTunes app store Healthcare & Fitness category, and was featured on Apple’s “What’s Hot” list.

Comments by Jill Nussbaum and Tim Allen

What was the most challenging aspect of the project? “Unlike Nike+, a product that tracks and records your running progress automatically, the Nike Training Club tool relies on an athlete’s input for validation. One of the most challenging aspects of the project was designing a social experience that encouraged competition and motivation without ‘proof’ that drills had been completed. Our strategy was to use social pressure to motivate athletes. We allowed girls to invite their friends to participate in their training program and let those friends add people from their own networks. Users could see everyone’s progress on a shared leader board, making it easy to keep people honest.”

What did you learn during the process? “After launching the application, the main thing we learned was that guys wanted it too. Even though the branding was clearly targeted to women, the functionality of the application was not gender specific.”

How did designing the mobile experience differ from designing Nike Training Club for the Web? “Our goal was to launch a simple, useful and engaging mobile experience and then evolve it based on user feedback. For the first launch of the mobile app, we focused on developing the most essential and fun elements of the experience; we did not include the more involved functionality, such as avatar personalization, that was part of the Web version. In our second iteration of the tool, we added more mobile-specific functionality like a timer for drills, progress sharing on Facebook, and the ability to invite friends using an iPhone contact list.”


Andy Hsu/David Hyung, art directors
Amy Travis, writer
Grace Chia/Natalie Long, graphic designers
Susan Choi, interactive designer
Chadwick Shao, senior designer
Tim Allen, associate creative director
Noel Billig/Douglas Dauzier/Ian Spalter, creative directors
Claudia Bernett, interactive creative director
Jill Nussbaum, executive creative director
Bryan Bonczek, programmer
Dale Tan, developer
Josh Balik/Michael Mosley/Ben Smith, Flash programmers
Nick Coronges, executive director
Kaitlin Yapchaian, producer
Julie Renwick, executive producer
Jennifer Allen, production manager
Julia Burke/Will Creedle, quality assurance
R/GA (London, United Kingdom), project design and development
Tesa Aragones, Nike, client

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