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Interactive Annual 16:


Launch Live Site

“How can you not love a site where swans pour out, upside down from the navigation? From a bat with laser eyes to a unique ‘process’ of setting dreams free, this is one of few sites where the creative claim is backed up by the artwork and the copy. I would want to work at Resn. Kudos.” —Brooke Nanberg

“You really get a sense of the intelligence and beauty that propels this creative group. I especially like the offbeat sense of humor that’s reflected in the imagery and site navigation. I’d love to work with these guys.” —Hilary Read

Overview: New Zealand-based Resn is a unique breed of creative agency and its site is proof. Along with examples of award-winning work, and a thorough accounting of the agency’s offerings, is an interface of digital dynamicity that champions the imaginatively brave and forces the imaginatively fearful to retreat. It’s a hypnotic presentation of nonsensical collage, strange creatures and bold graphics coupled with clear descriptions of the agency’s work, an insightful blog and a studio lab that actually houses current work. Despite the obvious ability of the agency to deliver successful solutions, its site offers no middle ground: it either frightens or emboldens potential clients.

  • • A mighty army of thirteen worked on the site.
  • • The site has an unmoderated guest book; visitors can “Create a Post” and leave a message for Resn in real-time.
  • •The site was intended to further enhance the ego of Resn’s creative director. His ego was stroked approximately 27,000 unique times in the month of launch with an average stroking time of 12 minutes and 17 seconds. It successfully increased his ego by 37 percent.

Comments by Resn

How many visitors has it received since launch? “We’re not sure. A vengeful departing employee changed the e-mail and password to our Google Analytics account.”

What impact has this project had on increasing sales/awareness for the “client”? “The site caused an unprecedented increase in our brand awareness. We are pretty much world famous now. It’s been life changing. The Flight of the Conchords even hang out with us back here in Wellington; we discuss all sorts of cool stuff with them like SEO, HTML5 and hip-hop. We also get free entry to Wednesday night trivia at the Southern Cross Bar.”

How did your relationship with the “client” evolve over the course of the project? “It started off fine...then what began with a little scope creep became a scope avalanche. Resn tried to facilitate Resn’s consistent changes and budget restrictions. Eventually Resn pulled all budget and refused to pay Resn’s bill for the Resn site. We ended up having to sue Resn but we were unsuccessful. Resn even challenged Resn to a duel to draw muskets at 50 paces and settle the dispute like gentlemen, but Resn failed to show. We sent around ‘the heavies’ to their crib but they had given us a fake address so this was unsuccessful also. Resn even barred our phone number. Let’s just say this relationship hasn’t really worked out.”

If the site was a newly discovered element on the periodic table what would it be called? “Resnium (Rs). Can’t be Rn as that is already taken for Radon.”


Resn (Wellington, New Zealand), project design and development/client

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