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Interactive Annual 16:

The Next Move by UrbanDaddy iPhone App

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“One of the best branded entertainment apps available simply because it gives great recommendations according to where you are and who you’re with.” —Rachel Pasqua

“Many of the best mobile experiences and apps are driven by need. UrbanDaddy is not breaking new ground at the core, but the combination of great design, an ownable voice and attitude and a little humor make this a great alternative to the dryness of Yelpian apps out there.” —Glen Sheehan

Overview: Mobile applications for those in search of a good meal or a night on the town are easy to come by, but few tell a story, and even fewer, a rich and adventurous one. The Next Move helps a style-conscious crowd—men in particular—plan the perfect day or night on the town. It takes a holistic approach, factoring in the who, what and where of one’s plans and not simply the end destination. Reacting to an individual’s specific needs, the app considers not only restaurant and neighborhood, but cuisine, mood and company; choices unfold through interchangeable sentence fragments that flip to reveal the story of the day or evening to come.

  • • The experience targets six audience- appropriate cities: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago and Miami.
  • • The aesthetic inspiration for the “flip” came from classic train station schedules that flip to reveal updated information.
  • • Apple has been featuring The Next Move in its television and print campaign.

Comments by Big Spaceship

How does this app differ from others like it? “The market is flooded with mobile apps that help you find the right bar or restaurant or club. Most of them are pragmatic in terms of design and UX, but they try to be everything to everyone. We took a much more targeted approach.”

Is the audience you were targeting a particularly difficult one to reach? “UrbanDaddy’s audience is hungry for this type of application; they want to know about the hottest spots, but they’re also concerned with fashion and appearances. We addressed their desires with a narrative-based tool that marries functionality and style. The Next Move tells a story, but a simple one. UrbanDaddy’s curated database enabled us to deliver quality information in a personalized manner; that, along with the premium design, gave guys something they’re excited to use and show off.”

What was the most challenging aspect of the project? “One challenge we faced was incorporating a paid automobile sponsorship into the application. We did so by building the vehicle (a new model convertible) into a lifestyle-oriented brand association, then replicated the app experience on a site that allows users to plan ahead, choosing up to four ‘moves’ or locations to visit later. So whether users prefer to make arrangements in advance or make up their minds along the way, they’ve got practical, easy-to-access options.”


Big Spaceship (Brooklyn, NY)/UrbanDaddy, project design and development
UrbanDaddy, client

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