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Interactive Annual 17

Meet the Jurors

Our panel of five leading interactive media professionals spent ten weeks thoroughly reviewing this year’s entries.

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Adrian BelinaAdrian Belina
Partner and Creative Director

Jared Benson Jared Benson
Executive Creative Director

Véronique Brossier Véronique Brossier
Senior Software Engineer

Oscar Llarena Oscar Llarena
Head Information Architect
GSD&M’s Idea City

Jill Nussbaum Jill Nussbaum
Executive creative director

2011 Interactive Annual Winners

This year’s winners were selected, by our distinguished jury, from a group of entries including Web sites, Kiosks, CD-ROM projects and mobile devices. The 35 winning projects are showcased below, and in further detail in the March/April 2011 issue of Communication Arts magazine.

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The 39 projects chosen for our 16th Interactive Annual show an important industry evolution: user-centered design. Whether direct response, advertising, entertainment or information, thorough, considered content is being presented in ways that make the best use of technology and align with the way people use it.

A universal characteristic found in all 38 award-winning projects was a minimalist approach to design: presenting one idea, one tool or one piece of functionality that’s relevant. We saw many projects get to the point quickly, and the development of mobile apps is driving this trend toward simplicity in design and interaction.

Video continued to be a dominant theme in this year’s 35 winning entries. We saw several innovative uses, including transitions, backgrounds and even a few customized paths. We also saw many projects taking advantage of the Web’s social culture by incorporating user-generated content.