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Interactive Annual 17:

LEGO Photo

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“Simple, fun, on-brand and a great attention to sound and motion details.”
—Jared Benson

“In the LEGO tradition of simple yet addictive play—from photography to block-making with a great color palette.”
—Véronique Brossier

Overview: LEGO Photo, available free at the iTunes App Store, was a component of the 2010 LEGO Cl!ck campaign and the first official iPhone application for LEGO. The app works with saved images on the iPhone and iPod touch and lets consumers immortalize their favorite images in LEGO form. Users can simply choose a photo from an existing gallery or point the camera to snap a photo then touch the screen to watch their masterpiece build. Additional screen taps show each portrait in nine different color palettes. And, celebrating the portraits is easy; users can upload them to social networking pages, e-mail or print them and tweet them using #legoclick.

  • • The project was in production for approximately five weeks.
  • • When it launched, LEGO Photo was the number four free app in the U.S., number two in the U.K. and number one in Japan. For the month of January, it attracted over 2 million unique downloads, and ranked as the 32nd most downloaded application in the U.S.
  • • The campaign initially launched with a short film titled LEGO Cl!cK. The film amassed over one million views within its first two weeks and occupied a Top 10 spot on Advertising Age’s Viral Video Chart for two consecutive weeks.

Comments by Jason Apaliski

What was the concept behind the Cl!cK campaign? “When LEGO first came to us, they challenged us with bringing the brand to the masses. One of the misconceptions about them is that they’re only for the creative-minded. Our challenge was to extend the brand to something that wasn’t just for creative people. When we got to thinking about it, we realized that even though not everyone is necessarily creative, everybody has ideas. Whether those ideas are big or small, they are all ideas and therefore have a commonality. We wanted to celebrate that as we thought it was something very honorable for LEGO. We wanted it to be less about creativity and more about having ideas and using imagination to propel them. The campaign is devoted to creativity and innovation and celebrates the sometimes simple and often sublime attainability of those moments when ideas just ‘click.’”

What role did this project play in the campaign? “When people look at LEGO, they see an innovative company; they’ve come to expect great things from it. So when LEGO put out its first official iPhone application, and people get excited, it just continues, and builds on, that brand affinity.”


Jason Apaliski/Jaime Robinson, associate creative directors
Kash Sree, executive creative director
PJ Pereira, chief creative officer
Joshua Brandau, senior brand strategist
Sara Krider, agency producer
Kelsie Van Deman, interactive producer
Skylar Fogel/Gary Theut/Ryan Toland, project managers
Roger Braunstein, Struck Axiom/Brad Kelly, Struck Axiom/Tyler Martin/Jon Minori, Struck Axiom/Struck Axiom/Jeff Yamada, Struck Axiom, development partners
Pereira & O’Dell (San Francisco, CA), project design and development
Michael McNally, LEGO Systems, Inc/Julie Sterne, LEGO Systems, Inc, clients

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