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Interactive Annual 17:

Porsche Panamera, Welcome to The Family

“Good use of full screen and it breaks away from canned car photographs.”
—Jared Benson

“Great design, great history and attention to detail in every click…You can even drag the cars.”
—Adrian Belina

Overview: The Panamera was Porsche’s first entry into the four-door luxury sedan market, and this site did more than just launch the car—it launched a belief system. The site is about the car’s contribution to the brand lineage and its connection to Porsche values, history and principles. The content brings to life a mantra and back-story about the brand, validates the car to loyalists by putting it in the context of other storied models of Porsche’s history and leverages the carmaker’s most valuable communications vehicle—insiders’ voices. The heart of the site is a user-generated story library of thousands of unvarnished stories submitted by owners and enthusiasts whose beliefs create a more human, likeable and relevant face for the brand.

  • • The site helped generate more than 25,000 leads asking for more information on the car; currently, the Panamera is beating sales projections and more than 60 percent of buyers are new to the Porsche brand.
  • • The site contained story pages for more than 20 current and historic Porsche models, a 3-D interactive timeline, more than 35 hours of historical footage, hundreds of historical photos and 7 technical videos.
  • • The interactive Family Tree housed over 3,700 personal stories from owners, enthusiasts and employees.

Comments by Cramer-Krasselt

What was the most challenging aspect of the project? “Building ‘Welcome To The Family’ necessitated the tearing down of the virtual walls inside the agency and between the client and agency. Literally hundreds of pieces of content needed to be created—videos, bios, historical car overviews, technical specs—and the sheer volume of work made any linear process simply impossible. Instead, we needed a true, real-time collaborative model. To achieve this, we instituted daily morning calls with all client and agency constituents to set the objectives for the day; and each evening there was a standing date to review the day’s progress and to set upcoming expectations. Everyone had skin in the game, the lines were blurred and egos set aside and this site is a product of that collaboration.”

How did this project compare with others you’ve worked on in the past? “Even though the scope of the task was seemingly so large, we attacked it with the same methodology we use to solve our simplest assignments: with pen and paper and by staying true to a core idea. The site was sketched-out with black marker and continually evaluated on whether it told the story we wanted to tell—that the Panamera is a true member of the Porsche family rooted in rich history, heritage and emotion.”


Markandeya Sendan/Nathan Thompson, art directors
Julian Timberlake, writer
Gary Doyle/Rick Hamann, creative directors
Marshall Ross, chief creative officer
Michael Baer/Valerie DiTomasso/Chris Hanley, strategic planners
Fantasy Interactive, Inc., developer
Nicholas Harr, interactive producer
Cramer-Krasselt (Chicago, IL)/Fantasy Interactive, Inc.,
project design and development
Cramer-Krasselt, ad agency
Porsche, client

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