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Interactive Annual 17:


Launch Live Site

“Nice balance of simplicity and fun. I’d buy a pair.”
—Jill Nussbaum

“The navigation and use of video make this site great to explore and leave you wanting to try every product.”
—Adrian Belina

Overview: Sony wanted to build a headphone brand that was interpreted more like a fashion accessory and less like an electronics product. Not just pretty toys, PIIQ headphones and earbuds are built to withstand the impact of active sports, and the bright and bold products, designed by artists and DJs, embody the expression of youth culture. This site positions PIIQ at the intersection of active sports, music and streetwear. As expressive as the brand, interactive videos present PIIQ’s unique product features and a product showcase enables easy tabbing through color assortments, fast scrolling through styles and visible product commentary.

  • • Given the online behavior and social media adoption of the youth demo-graphic, Sony PIIQ concentrated all launch efforts on digital initiatives. The site is part of a campaign that also includes a huge social media effort that launched on Facebook (
  • • Each of the headphones has a video that showcases the different features; through videos of up-close encounters with the headphones it’s as close a representation of an in-store experience as possible.
  • • Big, bold product images were used so that visitors would instinctively navigate to the products that jumped out at them.

Comments by Damon Nelson

What was your creative approach? “PIIQ is Sony’s newly-created brand of headphones. They aren’t your father’s basic black-and-gray headphones; they’re all about street-style, fresh creativity and aggressively-bold colors. These brand ideals are best embodied by the headphones themselves, so rather than showboat with a bunch of irrelevant hype, we decided to let the product speak for itself in a nakedly authentic way—with a color-forward, what-you-see-is-what-you-get interactive video showcase. The end result is a decidedly fresh take on a retail experience, with people getting different video views and close-ups of all the headphones in the line.”

How are you continuing to engage the audience? “The PIIQ site has successfully kept visitors browsing for long durations, with time-on-site stats at over three times the industry benchmark. After launching the showcase, and building the Facebook hub, we released ongoing content related to music, streetwear and active sports. And, since we wanted teens to experience PIIQ at their favorite events, we met them at the X Games and Dew Tour stops nationwide and documented them sporting their newest accessory. Anticipating that reflections of everyday teens in PIIQ headphones would make great lookbook material, we titled the Facebook photo albums ‘Citizen Models’ and released them after every event. We also initiated a media supported PIIQ giveaway that offered incentives to like the page. With the combination of a well-crafted fan page, compelling daily content and an appealing giveaway, we built a highly engaged audience for PIIQ.”


Steve Knodel, senior designer
Damon Nelson, associate creative director
Tim Barber, creative director
Pete Schirmer, senior developer
Boris Pique, technical lead
Alisha Jaeger, interactive producer
Odopod (San Francisco, CA), project design and development
Brian Beaver, Sony Corporation of America/Ken Byers, Sony Electronics/David Jester, Sony Electronics/Jon Tolhoek, Sony Electronics, clients

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