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Interactive Annual 17:

The Creators Project

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“Depth of information and simple exploration make this site a must for creative minds.” —Oscar Llarena

“With excellent production and profiles of the world’s finest creative visionaries in music, film, fashion and design, this channel has content that sucks you in and keeps you coming back for more.” —Adrian Belina

Overview: Born from a partnership between Intel and VICE magazine, this online network celebrates creativity, culture and technology across media and around the world. At a time in history where digital technologies have revolutionized distribution, democratized access and reimagined the scope and scale with which an artist can create a vision and reach an audience, The Creators Project is a kind of arts and culture channel. On one hand, it’s a modern-day media channel that identifies and celebrates the work of visionary artists wherever they are; on the other, it’s a content creation studio that facilitates the production and dissemination of new work.

  • • Distribution of content takes place on the site through a variety of other media including television, mobile, print and a series of experiential events that began rolling out in urban centers around the world in the summer of 2010.
  • • The site includes in-depth editorial—a combination of profiles and documentaries on 100+ international artists, a daily blog, event coverage and a content creation studio.
  • • In just 7 months, The Creators Project attracted 11.5 million unique visitors and its video content was streamed 54 million times.

Comments by VICE

How did you arrive at this concept for this client? “Intel approached us to help them connect with young people globally. We wanted to show Intel inside people’s lives, rather than purely inside the computer and we wanted to do something incredibly ambitious. From the very start, we knew we had to create something more than a marketing campaign; we wanted to do something that truly affects people. We invented The Creators Project to help push the boundaries of possibility and to share it with young people everywhere.”

What impact has this project had on increasing awareness for the client? “The social-media-infused launch event in New York was supported by a social-engagement team who interacted with event attendees while real-time Twitter feed displays encouraged them to join the conversation. The combination triggered an overwhelming increase in social chatter the day of the event (Facebook posts, tweets, Tumblr reposts) and one of the site’s highest traffic days to date. Globally, The Creators Project secured press coverage in more than 1,500 news sources including CNN, Pitchfork, BBC, Wired, MTV Brazil, Huffngton Post, NPR, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Vanity Fair, W, Dazed, Vogue China, Bazaar, Interview, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Most importantly, it significantly increased brand relevance, awareness and opinion for Intel among global youth.”


Intel/VICE (Brooklyn, NY), project design and development
Intel, client

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