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Interactive Annual 18:


Launch Live Site

“A slick interface that lets users easily explore the HBO offerings. Responsive, fast and nice details.” —Kim Rees

“A quiet and well-organized interface provides quick access to the shows you love and encourages discovery of new programming. It is elegantly utilitarian: deftly guiding you to your content and then disappearing into the background.”
—David Wright

Overview: Making it as easy for subscribers to watch HBO content on a tablet or mobile device as it is on a TV or computer, this app enables subscribers to watch over 1,400 of HBO’s original programs, hit movies, sports and comedy. The main interface features a mosaic of images from various hbo programs. Content is organized into movies, series, comedy specials, sports, documentaries and late night. Each category is browsable with an A to Z list, in addition to search functionality, and each individual program page provides details including cast and synopsis.

  • • HBO had previously developed HBO go as an on-demand service that existed solely on
  • • Users can begin watching full-length content from within the initial experience, minimizing click-through and maximizing usability across devices.
  • • The app made its way to a top-ranked free app in the iTunes App Store on its first day of release, received one million downloads within its first week and three million downloads within the first month. The app’s been downloaded five million times.

Comments by Huge

Is the audience you were targeting a particularly difficult one to reach? “People love HBO, but their experiences with iPad video applications had been mixed. In a sense, we were introducing a new category of usage. It had to be a great user experience to get people to install it.’”

Did you learn anything new during the process? “We’d worked on many mobile apps before, including Reuters the first news app, as part of the initial launch of the iPad, but we were very excited to work with an amazing brand like HBO, and to extend the product to multiple platforms. We learned a ton about what people want to do while they’re watching video. We learned when to introduce special features and social tools and when to stay out of the way. Since we were tasked with designing for mobile and tablet platforms that were emerging in the market, we paid particular attention to how users were learning to interact with these new devices and what their expectations were. We always made sure to prioritize adapting the app’s behaviors to each specific platform.”


HUGE (Brooklyn, NY), project design and development
HBO, client

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