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Interactive Annual 18:
information design

Phoenix Lecture Series

Launch Movie

“A showcase of what’s possible in space and time and a bold and modern solution to boring presentations that uses a mix of old and new technologies.” —Michael Potts

“This holographic Nicholas Negroponte presentation goes well beyond our typical expectations of greenscreen magic and offers a taste of the virtual presentation of the future.” —David Wright

Overview: Created to enhance the mastery of subject areas through a seamless and meaningful integration of technology and content, this video series from the nation’s largest private university captures insights from the most influential business thinkers of a generation. The lectures utilize digital infographics, blending high-level content and imagery into narratives that represent complex premises, evoke critical thinking and address social issues. The series showstopper is a specialized high-definition video projection system that presents Nicholas Negroponte as a holographic-like image projected onto a stage in front of a live audience.

  • • The 3 videos included at launch total 4.5 hours of content (comparable to 2 feature films); additional lectures will be added throughout 2012 and will eventually total 24 hours of content.
  • • Nicholas Negroponte was shot by Green Dot Films in the Boston Public Library, Laundry Designs added graphics animation and created the hologram in post production and the event was reshot “live” in San Diego with mrb Productions.
  • • All University of Phoenix students have access to the complete Phoenix Lecture Series, which has been integrated into the coursework for the University of Phoenix mba program.

Comments by PJ Pereira

Was the topic/subject of the project a new one for you? “Ad agencies and design studios typically apply their skills to advertise products, so when our long-time client, University of Phoenix, invited us to collaborate with their academic team, to capture insights from the most influential business thinkers of our generation, we were intrigued. Attempts to create digital bites out of lectures typically results in monotonous tripod shots of the same presentation someone would have in a real classroom—minus the energy of being there. We began with a series of questions: How could we use our techniques to make a class more memorable? More intriguing? How could we take powerful ideas and give them more stopping power using design and technology?

“We eventually realized how partnering with them to help produce these stories was inherent in our work. We helped them architect their ideas into short, easy-to-digest segments with concepts that provide impact, real-time infographics, transparent projection windows and, in one case, a spectacular hologram. The series is an example of how technology can transform the way students receive education.”


Marcus Brown, art director
Robert Konves, senior art director
Chris Elzinga, writer
Victoria Whitlow, associate creative director/integrated producer
Shu Lai/Jonthan Woytek, interactive creative directors
PJ Pereira, chief creative officer
Joshua Brandau, strategy
Lina Urbain, information architect
Bruce Mac Vaughn/Wouter van Herwerden, sound designers
Bill Spangler, agency producer
George Lichter, University of Phoenix, executive producer
Jeff Ferro, executive agency producer
Lindsey Cordero, University of Phoenix, project manager
Digital Illusions, consultant
Umlaut, editorial company
Laundry Design LLC, 3-D animation company/visual effects company/design firm
Green Dot Films/MRB Productions, production companies
Pereira & O’Dell (San Franciso, CA), project design and development
University of Phoenix, client

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