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Interactive Annual 18:
information design


“A clear interface and a clean concept—things that are generally lacking in these types of productivity applications.” —Kelly Goto

“This app makes filing expense reports fun! A lovely design and well-considered, charming UX.” —Kim Rees

Overview: Almost eliminating the need for paper, this iPhone app takes the pain out of expense reports by enabling users to create, complete and submit detailed expense reports from an iPhone. A clear, intuitive interface takes the place of staples and piles of paper; and receipts from all types of transactions can be scanned, stored and organized (by job, trip or company) for multiple accounts (both business and personal). Automatic transaction downloads and a mileage tracker enable single-click grouping (or deleting) of expenses into organized reports.

  • • The driving force behind the app’s design and development was the question, “How can this be as easy as possible?”
  • • Users can take photos of their receipts, turn them into transactions, add them to an expense report and submit the report—from the phone.
  • • This is the first in a series of financial management applications from MoneyReef.

Comments by Heber Eastman

What was the most challenging aspect of this project? “The most challenging, and exciting, part of this project was taking a process that most people hate (filling out expense reports) and turning it into something substantially less painful—and possibly even enjoyable. We continually asked ourselves how we could make this easy for the user; by answering that question over and over, we were able to create what we believe is a pleasant experience.”

Did you learn anything new? “The development of Reimburse forced us to overcome a number of hurdles: From streamlining and optimizing the auto-categorization of transactions, to developing and perfecting the receipt autoscan technology, the development team was forced to think on its feet and adapt to what we saw as a series of changing needs.”


Heber Eastman, creative director
Jake Newren, programmer
Jason Cragun/LJ Kyser, executive directors
MoneyReef (Provo, UT), project design and development/client

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