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Interactive Annual 18:

State Farm:
State of Chaos

Launch Live Site

“For anyone who’s ever wanted to see their house destroyed by an alien invasion, here’s the chance. It’s well-executed and a great personalized (pre-privacy) use of Google Street Maps.” —Kelly Goto

“A fun incorporation of personal information to deliver an over-the-top message.” —Kim Rees

Overview: Bringing to life the notion that, no matter what happens, State Farm has its customers covered, visitors to could simply type in their last name and street address to create a customized havoc-wreaking blockbuster starring the 30-foot-tall rampaging robot from the “State of Chaos” TV spot. Using Google Street View composited with CG and live action, the site dynamically generates a cinematic experience based on the actual position of roads within a half-mile radius of the user’s home—eventually leading the hulking automaton to its bombastic conclusion at the user’s door-step.

  • • The site incorporated the rotoscoping of the Google Maps Street View API to create a wide-screen, 360-degree cinematic experience.
  • • A CMS intersects, aggregates and syndicates the various real-time data feeds and renderings.
  • • The site exceeded expectations by a factor of 400 percent and in 8 weeks achieved 800,000+ visits, 30,345 new Facebook fans (a 21.2 percent increase), more than 19,000 social media and e-mail shares and over 2.3 million impressions.

Comments by Joe Cianciotto

What was the most critical component to the success of this project? “This was one of those projects that would have been impossible to achieve had the entirety of the communication mix not been concepted and executed by one agency. It was definitely a compelling testament to the strength of an integrated internal approach to a challenge. From a cost standpoint, leveraging the elements from TV and creating them at the same time halved production expenses. From a planning standpoint, knowing what we needed for all mediums kept the narrative cohesive. And, ultimately, from a creative perspective, having an intrinsic and intimate understanding of the concept and the ability to execute through digital allowed us to take one idea and paint it across various palettes and disciplines.”

What would you do differently if you could start the project over? “We would definitely have created a version specific for mobile. Given the geo-positioning attributes of smartphones, having the robot not just come to your home address but to wherever you were standing would have been incredibly compelling.”


Rachel Newell, art director Matt Christiansen/Bob Davies, associate creative directors
Craig Feigen/Adam Glickman/John Hayes, creative directors
Barry Burdiak, group creative director
Joe Cianciotto, executive creative director
Ewan Paterson, chief creative officer
Bob Scarpelli, worldwide creative director
Jeff Dates/Jeff Lopez, artists
Diane Jackson, executive director
Chris Bernier/Will Robertson/Navdeep Singh/Michael Viscione, animators
Tom Jucarone, audio mixer
Paul Sundue, digital video producer
Camilla DeBiaggi/Christine DoRego, post production producers
Scott Kemper, executive agency producer
Carley Ferguson, executive integrated producer
Veronica Parker, project manager
Alexis Dorenter, production manager
Westley Sarokin, Flame artist
The Mill, post production company
B-Reel, production company
Sound Lounge NY, music company
B-Reel/DDB Chicago/The Mill, project design and development
DDB Chicago (Chicago, IL), ad agency
Tim Van Hoof, State Farm, client

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