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Interactive Annual 19:

TCM Summer Under The Stars

Launch Live Site

“Hollywood's golden age is center stage in an epic format (with unique versions for desktop and mobile) that focuses all attention on TCM's iconic stars.” —Dave Curry

“A playful and engaging experience that leaves you wanting more.”
—Scott Prindle

Overview: Summer Under the Stars is an annual August event during which Turner Classic Movies (TCM) shows films a different star every day of the month. The site complements an on-air event and features a schedule of programming along with a ton of photography, video and additional information about each actor. Originally intended only as a schedule, it’s grown over the years to become a place for fans to find more imagery, videos and information about their favorite actors. Each page is unique and captures the essence of the star—not only who they were in a specific film, but across their career.

  • • From concept to completion, the project took 20 people (fourteen from the agency and six from the client) three months to produce.
  • • The project included the design of oversized print brochures that were mailed to press and TCM “super fans;” each page was an 18 x 24–inch poster on the front with the actor’s bio and programming schedule on the back.
  • • The site contains 31 actors each with 20 images, 12 trailers, 1 custom type treatment and 1 collage—roughly 1,054 pieces ofs classic content.

Comments by One Trick Pony

Was the topic/subject of the project a new one for you? “This is the fifth year we’ve designed the site; it’s great because each year we try new things and learn from our experience. This time we took at step back and looked at the content we had available and took a new approach to the design. The challenge was to create a site in HTML (this was the first promo site we’ve done for them that wasn’t in Flash) that lived up to the immersive experiences that TCM fans have come to expect.”

“Programmed in HTML5 and incorporating Parallax scrolling to create interesting transitions between sections, it taps into Turner’s content management application. One of the greatest tech feats on this project is rather subtle, but pretty awesome if you happen to be viewing it on a tablet. parallax sites are everywhere, but most of them serve up a standard scrolling site that loses the Parallax element when viewed on a tablet. A custom JavaScript scroller provides the same experience on a tablet that you get on a desktop. The client loved the site, the fans loved the site, and no one even noticed that it wasn’t in Flash.”


One Trick Pony (Hammonton, NJ), project design and development
Turner Classic Movies, client

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